These blog posts are written to share some of the wonderful things that have been happening on our blogs and to give you some ideas of the sorts of things kiwi classes have been sharing on line through 2011.

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Helen Zachariassen 
What is an Insect?

Justin Neal & Jane Bosecke
Eve's Earthquake Diary
 Hauturu School, Waikato
Andrea van Tol
Throwing and Pushing

Allanah King
Charlie's Awesome Bagpipes

Claire Buist
A Metaphor for Learning

Michelle Thurlow & Lorraine Thomas
Harvesting Carrots

Marion Wall
Damian's Huge Sunflower

Susan Lindsey
Learning About Sprints

Judy McKenzie
Meeting the Class Mascot

Whaia Kitty
Honda Motorbike

 Hangatiki School. Waikato
Karen Care
How Kai the Taniwha was Tricked

Judy Hawtin
Some Advice on Germs

Fraser Campbell
Discovering the Past

Amanda Signal
Why I should have a horse for a pet

 Room 16, Oteha Primary, Auckland
Kirsten Anderson-McGhie
Chunky Chalks

Cherryl Eden
Bubble Fun

Anne Kenneally
Rugby World Cup Week Two

 Room 2, Sunnybrae School
Helen Rennie-Younger
Snails and More Snails

Jacalyn Tapp
What is your favourite book?

Tina Donnell
Our Food Riddles

Amy Burgess
Creating Insect Dioramas

Mark Herring
GE Blogging Round Up!

Judith Smallbone
Dick Frizzell, New Zealand Artist

Marcus Norrish
Buddy Class Puppet Pals Animation

Sherryn Lines
Rugby Reading

 Ngatimoti School, Tasman
Suskya Goodhall
Enviro Learning

Michael Fawcett
Smiles for Christchurch

Anna Gerrit
Skype Day

Paul Shand
Imagine if the sea was polluted

Tara Taylor-Jorgensen
Barcamp Reflections

 Mapua School, Tasman
Teressa Hosie
Describing a Wonderful Mother

Bevan James
Remembering Loved Ones

 Wellsford Primary School
Tracy Tindle
QR Codes for Story Writing

 Bailey Road School, Auckland
Shaun Wood
Inanimate Alice- Episode Five

Emma Martin

 Moturoa Classroom- Appleby
Allanah King
Google Presentation