Link Gopher

Link Gopher is a simple extension to extract links from Firefox or Google Chrome. It extracts all links from web page (including embedded links), sorts them, removes duplicates, and displays them in a new tab for copy and paste into other systems. Also, Link Gopher does the same for unique domains.


Download Link Gopher from Mozilla Add-ons or the Google Chome Web Store.


To use Link Gopher, simply click on its icon and choose an Extract option. (Screenshot shown is for Link Gopher version 1.)

After you click Extract Links, Link Gopher instantly creates a new tab that looks like this with a sorted list of unique links and unique domain names:


To learn how to use Link Gopher read the instructions.


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Version 3

Link Gopher 3 is planned to include these improvements:

    • Filter by regular expressions
    • Search all tabs
    • Extract links from images
    • Remember recent filters

Please donate to support these improvements


The Link Gopher source code is on GitHub.


Link Gopher is simple and should not require support. If something is genuinely broken, open an issue ticket at GitHub.