Link Alert

Extension for Mozilla Firefox.


FAQ Currently Under Development.

  1. What icons are currently included?
  2. How do I use the advanced settings?

  1. What icons are currently included?
  2. File Extensions
    Word Documents.docdoc
    Applications.exe .msiapp
    Images.jpg .gif .png .bmpimg
    Javascript Files.js .jsejse
    Audio/Music.mp3 .wma .wavaud
    Video.mpg .wmvvid
    PDF Documents.pdfpdf
    .ppt .pps .ppappt
    RegEdit files.regreg
    Text Files.txttxt
    Excel Spreadsheets.xlsxls
    Mozilla Extensions.xpixpi
    Zip .rar .gz .7z .tar .tgzzip
    AIM Linksaim:aim
    E-Mail Linksmailto:mail
    FTP Sitesftp:ftp
    Secure Siteshttps:secure
    Unsecure Siteshttp:unsecure
    External Linksexternal
    Internal Linksinternal
    New Windowsnew
    *See below for use of the "File" column.

  3. How do I use the advanced settings?
  4. In the left box, enter the path to the icon you wish to use, then click Add. Select the icon in the list on the left, and enter the extension/protocol to associate with it on the right, and click Add. (Extensions must include the ".")

    The icon path may include the following variables:
    • %LASKIN% - points to the Link Alert skin directory.
    • %LASIZE% - replaced with "large" or "small" depending on settings.
    • %LASIZEPX% - replaced with "32" or "16" as above.
    • %LAEXT% - replaced with the file extension of the link.
    • %LAPROTO% - replaced with the protocol of the link.
    To use the system default use moz-icon://.%LAEXT%?size=%LASIZEPX%
    Built in icons are at %LASKIN%/%LASIZE%/*-icon.png
    where * is the value in the "File" column above.

    To remove an extension or protocol, select the one you wish to remove then click Remove. To remove an entire icon, select the icon to remove then click Remove. (This will also remove all associated extensions/protocols)