Linjie Yang

I am currently a Research Scientist at ByteDance AI Lab in Bay Area, CA. Before that, I was a Research Scientist at Snap Research during 2016 - 2018. I obtained my PhD degree in the department of Information Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong in July 2016. I was supervised by Prof. Xiaoou Tang and Prof. Jianzhuang Liu. I also worked closely with Prof. Chen Change Loy and Ping Luo. I obtained my bachelor's degree from the department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2012. I worked as a research intern in Microsoft Research Asia from November 2011 to April 2012. My research interests include computer vision and machine learning, especially visual understanding with deep learning.

Recent Activities

  • Our paper on dense video captioning is accepted by CVPR 2019 as oral presentation.
  • Our paper "Slimmable Neural Networks" is accepted by ICLR 2019.
  • We are organizing a competition workshop for large-scale video object segmentation in conjunction with ECCV 2018. See details on our website!
  • One paper on large-scale video object segmentation accepted by ECCV 2018.
  • One paper on video object segmentation accepted by CVPR 2018. Code released!
  • Code for our dense captioning paper is released!
  • One paper on dense captioning accepted by CVPR 2017.
  • Our CompCars dataset is released.
  • One paper accepted by CVPR 2015.


Streamlined Dense Video Captioning
Jonghwan Mun, Linjie Yang, Zhou Ren, Ning Xu, Bohyung Han.
CVPR 2019 (Oral). arXiv Version

Slimmable Neural Networks. 
Jiahui Yu, Linjie Yang, Ning Xu, Jianchao Yang, Thomas Huang. 
ICLR 2019. OpenReview Code

Youtube-VOS: Sequence-to-Sequence Video Object Segmentation. 
Ning Xu, Linjie Yang, Yuchen Fan, Jianchao Yang, Dingcheng Yue, Yuchen Liang, Brian Price, Scott Cohen, Thomas Huang.
ECCV 2018. arXiv Version Dataset

Efficient Video Object Segmentation via Network Modulation
Linjie Yang, Yanran Wang, Xuehan Xiong, Jianchao Yang, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos. 
CVPR 2018. arXiv Version Code

Dense Captioning with Joint Inference and Visual Context.
Linjie Yang, Kevin Tang, Jianchao Yang, Li-Jia Li.
CVPR 2017. arXiv Version Code

A Large-Scale Car Dataset for Fine-Grained Categorization and Verification
Linjie Yang, Ping Luo, Chen Change Loy, Xiaoou Tang. 

Depth from Water Reflection
Linjie Yang, Jianzhuang Liu, and Xiaoou Tang
 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 24(4), 1235-1243. PDF

Object Detection and Viewpoint Estimation with Auto-masking Neural Network
Linjie Yang, Jianzhuang Liu, and Xiaoou Tang
ECCV 2014. PDF

Complex 3D General Object Reconstruction from Line Drawings
Linjie Yang, Jianzhuang Liu, and Xiaoou Tang
ICCV 2013. PDF

Invited Talks

"A Large-Scale Car Dataset for Fine-Grained Categorization and Verification", In 3rd Workshop on Vehicle Retrieval in Surveillance (VRS 2015), Karlsruhe, Germany, August 2015.

Review Efforts

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Image and Vision Computing
WACV 2017, 2018
ACM Multimedia 2017
IJCAI 2017, 2018
CVPR 2018, 2019 ECCV 2018