New Information Technology - Нова Інформаціна Технологія 

Topics covered in 4th Year NIT are Operating System Software, Application Software, Computer Hardware, Tablets & Smartphones & their Apps, an Introduction to various programming languages, Smart Homes, Virtual Reality and more.

Data Security - Захість Інформації

This course is given to students who have a fairly good understanding of English and a general knowledge of computers and technology.  The goal of the course is to make the students aware of the many threats out there in the real world when using computers, tablets and smartphones on the Internet.

We'll discuss the various attackers and adversaries that there are in our day and age. For example, Hackers, Lone Criminals and Cyber-terrorists, etc. The types of attacks on computer systems.  For example, denial-of-service, botnets, spoofing, etc. The Defenses that can be put in place to stop the Attackers and Attacks.  For example, Virus Checkers, Honeypots, Firewalls, etc. 

Other topics in this class are Credit Card Fraud, Software Theft, Intellectual Property Rights and Cryptography. 

Information Systems - Інформацінї Системи

The goal of this course for 3rd years students is to further your knowledge of various information systems used today.  Information gathering is a big deal and keeping it organized is very important.

We'll talk about Databases both local and on the Web.  Social Networking, Social Media, Search, Online Meetings, Apple, Microsoft and Google are other topics will cover in this class.

Making a Dynamic Website and connecting it to a Database is also part of the Information Systems class and is continued during the 5th year.

Dreamweaver, Apache, PHP are things we'll learn a little about in the fifth year.