Volume 8 /2017) Issue 1 - Editorial
JLLT Volume 8 (2017) Issue 1

Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching

Volume 8 (2017) Issue 1 (PDF)


In the eighth year of its existence, it is time to draw a short balance of JLLT's history in quantitative terms and also to announce a new development.

As far as the journal's quantitative impact is concerned, JLLT has reached readers in the whole northern hemisphere and further on down to South-East Asia. Among the Top-10 countries from where readers have had access to the Journal in the past few years are Germany, the United States, Russia, France, China and the United Kingdom. The number of page views of the articles published in the Journal's archive has nearly reached 50,000. This means that JLLT is taken note of in large parts of the world. These figures point to the fact that JLLT is generally acknowledged and has a sound basis of readers, many of whom may turn out to be JLLT's authors one day. Thus, JLLT has made its way, and we will do our best to have it continue in the same vein.

The international character of JLLT has now led to a new development, i.e. the extension of the Editorial Board, which is now the Editorial Advisory Board. In this context, it will be of importance to find even more researchers who will bring in their expertise in their various specialities.

In this spirit, we are delighted to have three new researchers join our Board. These are Professor Eli Hinkel from Seattle University (USA), Professor Gerald Delahunty from the English Department of Colorado State University (USA), and Professor Frédérique Grim, from the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the same university.

As it is impossible to briefly describe Professor Eli Hinkel's extensive research - from teaching grammar and academic writing via curriculum design to interculturality -, it may here be stressed that the very outcome of language teaching and language acquisition is her utmost interest, and she is masterly in her ability to break down complex matters to a level that is easy to understand for students.

Professor Gerald Delahunty's main research interests lie in pragmatics, syntax theory and sociolinguistics, and his focus is the creation of meaning and its shaping into linguistic form on the basis of the underlying pragmatic principles. He is a linguist with all his heart and will therefore further strengthen the linguistic side of JLLT.

Professor Frédérique Grim is a French-born American researcher in the fields of foreign language teaching, content-enriched instruction, and pronunciation. Being a linguistics and language-course instructor, she stands for the practical side of language teaching and will reinforce this field in JLLT.

Let us welcome these three researchers to JLLT and look forward to working with them and benefit from their expertise. In the same breath, I would like to thank all the members of the JLLT Board for their long-term support and enthusiasm.

Thomas Tinnefeld