Volume 2 (2011) Issue 2 - Editorial
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Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching

Volume 2 (2011) Issue 2 (PDF)


In its second year of its existence, JLLT has entered a new stage. It now is no longer an on-line journal exclusively, but additionally comes in an identical paper version. In this dual way, JLLT responds to the requirements of our information era, i.e. to provide Internet publication so as to assure quick and world-wide coverage and, at the same time, to present the journal on paper so as to make it physically presentable.

Another positive outcome of this double publication lies in the fact that now the journal is being published in a paper form, authors are able to more easily redeem royalties from the German institution VG Wort.

The three issues of JLLT which have been on the market so far, were released as paper publications on the following dates:

  • Volume 1 (2010) Issue 1 on October 19th, 2011,
  • Volume 1 (2010) Issue 2 on November 2nd, 2011, and
  • Volume 2 (2011) Issue 1 on November 3rd, 2011.

These issues can now be ordered by means of an adequately stamped SAE (self-addressed envelope), from the editor’s university (for the address, see the address on the third page of the book cover or on the sidebar of the website) for the cost-coverage price of 10 euros (plus VAT).

Of course, JLLT will also remain an on-line journal, with all of its articles being accessible in full-text versions and completely free of charge.

The new step of a paper publication was made good use of so as to redesign JLLT’s book cover. In order to create an identical image of the journal on-line and on paper, it was necessary to republish it on-line to make its appearance consistent. The texts of these issues have remained and will remain untouched by this measure. Just the book covers were adjusted.

Moreover, it is to be noted that JLLT is presently listed in three important reference works: Linguistics Abstracts, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), andBiola Abstracts. The journal has in this way begun to become nicely rooted in the academic world, which is remarkable in view of the fact that is has been in existence for nearly two years only. We hope that this is a good omen for the further development of JLLT.

With its combination of highly modern and traditional ways of publication, JLLT has become even more attractive to authors and the academic world as a whole – a fact which increases our motivation to carry on.

Thomas Tinnefeld