Research Coordinator  Interests within LINGUAE
 Lucie Ravaux
 Research Coordinator (FRONTSEM Project, 2013-2019)

 Ingénieur d'Etudes, Institut Jean-Nicod (FRONTSEM Project, ERC)

 Primate linguistics

 Non-permanent Members  Interests within LINGUAE
Amir Ahmad Anvari
 PhD student (with P. Schlenker and B. Spector)
 Semantics, pragmatics, formal logic, gestures
Nadine Bade (starting Oct. 2019)
 Postdoc LANG-REASON project (with S. Mascarenhas)
 Presupposition, implicature, psycholinguistics, reasoning
Mélissa Berthet
 Postdoc, Fyssen postdoc (with E. Chemla and P. Schlenker)
 Fieldwork in Brazil: August 20-September 23, 2019
 Primatology, primate communication, primate linguistics
WooJin Chung
 Postdoc LANG-REASON project (with S. Mascarenhas)
 Deontic modality, counterfactuals, reasoning
Émile Enguehard
PhD student (with B. Spector)
 Semantics, pragmatics, formal logic, probabilistic models
Diego Feinmann
 Postdoc (with B. Spector)
 Semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, psycholinguistics
Janek Guerrini
 Frontiers of Cognition PhD Program in Cognitive Science
 (with S. Mascarenhas)
 Semantics and philosophy of language
Charlotte Hauser
PhD student, Paris 7 (with C. Geraci as co-director)
 Syntax of LSF
Justine Mertz
PhD student, Paris 7 (with C. Geraci as co-director)
 French Sign Language, phonology, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics
Léo Migotti
 PhD student, Institut Jean-Nicod (with P. Schlenker and J.J. Aucouturier)
 Music cognition, music semantics, dance cognition
François Olivier
 PhD student (with P. Egré)
 Conditionals and negations, formal logic
Hualin Xiao
PhD student (with B. Strickland and S. Peperkamp)
 Core cognition and psycholinguistics

 Interests within LINGUAE
Nur Geffen Lan
PhD student, Tel Aviv University (LINGUAE visitor 2019-2020)
 Formal approaches to language acquisition, phonology, morphology, language
Pritty Patel-Grosz
Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Oslo (Nov. 15-Dec. 22, 2019) 
 Syntax-Semantics-Pragmatics Interface, Information structure, Music Cognition,
 Dance Cognition, Gesture semantics
Léo Zaradzki
PhD student, University Paris Diderot-Paris 7
 Mathematical linguistics, music cognition, formal semantics, type theories

 MA students/Others
 Interests within LINGUAE
 Alina Dracheva
 Cogmaster (with S. Mascarenhas and R. Dudley)

 Reasoning in infants, psycholinguistics

 Regular Collaborators  Interests within LINGUAE
Valentina Aristodemo
 Postdoc, University of Paris 7
 Former PhD student, LINGUAE
 Sign language (LIS, LSF), semantics, psycholinguistics
 Arthur Bonetto
 Composer, FRONTSEM Project (with P. Schlenker)
 Music semantics
 Heather Burnett
 CNRS Research Scientist, University of Paris 7
 Semantics, mathematical linguistics, typology, philosophy of language
 Yann Cantin
 Assistant professor, Université Paris 8
 History and language of Deaf communities; LSF
 Isabelle Charnavel

Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Harvard University

 Syntax, semantics, pragmatics, music cognition, dance cognition
 Ewan Dunbar
 Assistant professor, Université Paris Diderot
 Morphology,phonology, primate calls, computational linguistics
 Gennaro Chierchia

Professor, Department of Linguistics, Harvard University

 Semantics, the syntax/semantics mapping, pragmatics, philosophy of language,
 the interface of semantics with language development, language pathology,
 language processing.
 Jean-Pierre Gautier
 Senior Scientist Emeritus, CNRS
 Primate calls, primate phylogeny
 Maria Giavazzi
 Assistant Professor, DEC, ENS
 Phonology, Morphology, Neurolinguistics, Huntington's disease
 Jonah Katz

 Assistant Professor, West Virginia University 

Formerly: Mellon postdoctoral fellow, Berkeley (2012-2014)

Formerly: LINGUAE postdoc (2010-2012)

 Phonetics, phonology, music cognition
 Robin Ryder
 Assistant Professor, CEPREMADE, U. Paris-Dauphine
 Statistics, evolution of languages, primate linguistics