Curriculum Vitae


       Research fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, Finance

  • "Delayed Output Response to Productivity Shocks in a Monetary Search Model"
  • “Sustained Societal Benefit of Illiquid Bonds" (working paper)
  • “Marriage, Markets and Money: A Coasian Theory of Household Foundation”, with Kenneth Burdett, Mei Dong and Randall Wright  (working paper)
  • “Financial Shocks and Firm Performance: Evidence from Systemic Banking Crises” With Varouj Aivazian and Mohammad Rahaman (working paper)


  • ECON 3P04 Money and Banking II (2012 Winter)
  • ECON 4P26 Monetary Economics (2012 Winter)
  • ECON 5P04 Topics in Applied Economics (2012 Winter)