Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really tour New York City on a bicycle? 

Yes, New York City is a great place to ride a bike. And a wonderful way to ride is with an experienced guide. Besides offering you a sense of confidence, your guide Richard Sanford helps you to enjoy the ride while taking in all the excitment of our city.

Do I have to speak the language well to join the tour?

Absolutely not! Many of our riders are beginning and intermediate level speakers of the language of that tour. The Chinese by Bicycle tour requires no Chinese knowledge at all! The only thing you need is a desire to learn and have fun along the way. However, do not expect your guide to simply talk to you in your native language just because it is the easiest for you to understand. The tour is designed to be as much fun as it is a learning experience. 

Do I have to be athletic to join the tour? 

Not at all. You must simply feel comfortable on a bicycle and be in reasonable physical shape. If you haven't ridden in years, that is usually not a problem. Riding is a skill that is not lost once you learn it. Our tours average a pace of about 4 miles an hour.  We stop frequently, for snacks, bathroom breaks,  questions,  touring and language learning. You will soon realize that this is not a race but an enjoyable ride. 

What is the age of most of the riders?

Our riders vary, but most are in their 40's.  Some riders are college students and others are retired people who want to review their language skills while touring New York City.

Can I bring my own bike?  

Yes!  You will get a $10 discount off the total price if you bring your own bike. Your bike must be in safe condition and you must either wear a helmet or we can provide one for you. 

What is the condition of the streets?

We use regular city streets and some bike paths. Many of the streets have bike lanes, but even without bike lanes, the traffic in New York City moves fairly slowly. In fact we are sometimes faster than the traffic. 

What is the size of the group?

The average group size is 5-10 people. We limit the group to 10 people and if we have more than 5 people there is a sweep (or assistant) who rides with us in the rear.

What if I have a problem during the ride? 

Our staff carries tools to fix flats and solve minor mechanical problems. If you cannot finish the ride arrangements will be made to get you and the bike back to the starting location.  

What if it rains? 

If it is raining, the ride will not start. If the tour is canceled due to rain you will have the choice of either a full refund or selecting another date for the tour. If it starts to rain during the tour we will return to the starting location and a pro-rata refund will be given.

Can I give a gratuity at the end of the trip?

Well, if the spirit moves you... 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel within 72 hours there will be a 20% service charge. If you cancel within 24 hours, there is no refund.

How will I feel when the tour ends? 

Most people are surprised they learned so much and feel great after having cycled in the most dynamic city in the world! (That's how we feel too!) 

Do you have any special recognition?
We have been selected as "Visitor Friendly," by the Guides Association of New York City "GANYC" and proudly abide by all of its standards.  

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