About Your Guide

Richard Sanford, a native of Brooklyn, is also a retired New York City public high school teacher. He taught Spanish,Italian and English as a Second Language. Richard’s specialty is charming his way into places that amaze the most adventurous New Yorkers. Whether it’s a bean sprout farm in Chinatown, or a clothing factory that makes sweaters for birds, Richard’s 24/7 explorations will give you a sense of this city “down to the core” of the Big Apple. Besides riding here, Richard has ridden across the US, through Europe, China, Australia, and Latin America. He has also pedaled from New York to Alaska, a total of 6,300 miles (10,000 kms). Richard teaches bike safety to New York City students and does teacher training for language teachers in the US and China, spending a couple of weeks each summer in Beijing. He recently appeared on Japanese television (NTVIC) as part of a news special, as he led the "Secret Streets Tour," a tour through Chinatown. Richard  also co-authored Parabienes (With Best Wishes) a Spanish Reader for high school students.