Contact : linf1017@gmail.com, linfu@stanford.edu

Stanford University
Center for Turbulence Research
481 Panama Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-3024

Dr. -Ing. Lin Fu 傅林CVSince January, 2018, I become a PostDoc at CTR center working with Prof. Parviz Moin, in Stanford University. 

I am the inventor of the high order TENO scheme, Centroid Voronoi Particle (CVP) method, SPH based mesh generation method. I propose a unified framework for large-scale parallel simulations.

I am the reviewer of  Journal of Computational Physics, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Journal of Scientific ComputingPhysics of FluidsAdvances in Computational MathematicsCommunications in Computational Physics, Engineering Computations, CTR Summer Program (2018).