Event photos

Ginger's request workshop July 2, 2009

Dancin' Dean workshop at the Mill, Sept. 6, 2008


HoeDown for UpReach Sept. 5, 2008

2008-06-20 NELOL

2007-11-17 Falmouth Floor filler

2008-4-11 Hooksett Congregational Church kids

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On July 2, 2009, I ran my first all-request workshop. Requests were submitted in advance. I taught Surly Boogie, My Maria, TGIF, Poker Face and Chill Factor at the Mill A-Round Dance Center in Manchester NH.
On Sept. 6, Dancin' Dean presented a wonderful workshop for intermediate dancers at the Mill A-Round Dance Center in Manchester NH.  Dean did an absolutely spectacular job of teaching seven dances over the course of the five-hour workshop. I really have to hand it to anyone who can single-handedly teach for a whole day. That's an exhausting job!
The dances taught were Tumba La Casa, This is the Time, Girl, Walk With Me, Am I?, Applejack Country and Faith In Love. The group looked to me like they enjoyed all seven. Tumba la Casa was a quick little Latin-flavored dance, pretty easy. This is the Time is a very fast waltz, but none of the steps are that difficult, and it matched the song nicely. Walk With Me goes to Josh Turner's Would You Go With Me, and it was a good match to the song too, energetic and fun. Girl certainly appeals to the funkier crowd, and I loved the song and dance. Am I? was popular with everyone, as you might expect with it being tops on Carol's list. Dean knows I love the Applejack (as you can tell my by screen name!) so he taught Applejack Country. I enjoyed that dance greatly...it was so much fun to see a new dance with applejacks in it. I'm afraid the AAB, AAB,  jeez, how DID that sequence go....pattern of the dance will scare too many dancers away, but it really did work nice with the song. Faith in Love is a beautiful nightclub two, and I don't know how anyone had any energy left to learn that at the end of the day (I didn't, I was too pooped to do that one), but the majority got it.
Credit must go to Tina Foster for putting together a terrific and tasty lunch, and to Denise Breault for organizing things and selling Dean's Sansha shoes.
And credit must also go to all the dancers who had to put up with a broken air conditioning system on a hot and rainy day. We had every fan in the place running full speed! I would like to thank them all for supporting dance in my neck of the woods. =)  Let's do it again soon!