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Alterations from the perspective of an experienced tailor - is the work desired possible or cost effective, to make changes to an existing garment to meet the desires or needs of the client? 

Customer desires vs inventory and services offered by the shop:
Customer:  "I have a business interview in one hour. I need a button that matches the others on my jacket. Can you do that?
Tailor: I do not have the size, color or style of button to match. Sorry I can not help you.  I have suppliers I order from when creating a garment from scratch. I do not maintain a collection of various buttons.

Processes effecting alteration work:
  • The customer needs to bring to the shop or ship to the shop the garment or garments they wish to have altered. The individual who is to ware the garment should also be present for measurements to determine if alterations of the existing garment are feasible. Not all garments can be altered for a proper or desired fit.  
  • Measurement, Evaluation and Cost Estimate for items may take 3 to 15 minutes. Generally there is no fee for an estimate for work to be performed by Linea Pitti. 
  • Measurements and fitting for work to be performed by a 3rd party chosen by the customer. The tailor is the sole authority to decide and will inform you in advance of any fee or charges for this service if work is to be performed by anyone other than Linea Pitti.
  • You will be told in advance the rates or fees and if there will be a charge for the tailors time
  • Billable Hours: Time taken to work with the garment including ordering materials and items that match or compliment the existing design takes time.
  • For some garments the time and labor for alterations may equal or exceed costs to create a new garment that provides the fit, look and feel the customer desires
  • The tailor must have the garment to evaluate the cut, type of material and construction method.
    • Working with a cashmere shirt or blouse requires more time, materials and experience than sewing cuffs on blue jeans
    • Buttons, latches, hooks, thread, zippers - to replace or install may require the tailor to match the color, weave or design of existing or desired item for the garment to look it's best
    • Ordering items for alterations takes time of the tailor plus the wait time for delivery
Linea Pitti's Policy related to work on 3rd party garments