Elwha River valley from Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA

Detail from Tete a Tete, Marriage a la Mode (William Hogarth, 1743-5)
Long Eighteenth Century

Reading English literature from 1680-1830. Women writers; socioeconomic representations; nature/"nature"; verse and prose; Gothic fiction;
the politics of sentiment; questioning classifications from the Augustans through the Romantics.

Detail of cover of Planet Stories magazine (November 1953)

Science "Frictions"

Tracing science fiction's roots and routes from the Renaissance into the present. Discourses of feminist sci-fi; visual representations in print and film; imaginary cultural anthropologies; textual experimentation; teaching a literature course on Sci-Fi Sexuality.

Two sine waves: one of high amplitude, and one of low amplitude.
 Methods & Approaches

Post -Marxist, -Modernist, -Structuralist.
Pro -Historical, -Poetics, -Narratological, -Ecological.

Neo -Formalist,  -Feminist/Gender/Queer, -Materialist.

Non -Essentialist, -Teleological, -Canonical.