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Patriot and Loyalist Ideas


  • We want a strong, unified British Empire.  Everyone benefits from that. 
  • The national debt is due to the French and Indian War which was fought partly to protect English colonists in North America.  Now there is more English land in America to protect.  We should help pay. 
  • We are British subjects, and we should obey British law.  The King and Parliament have the right to tax the colonies and to make laws for the colonies.  We cannot pick and choose which laws to obey. We must accept all the laws made by our government.  That’s the only way a government can work. 
  • The American colonies would be weak and defenseless without Britain.  We need Britain’s protection on the seas to be able to trade.  If we were without British protection, another country might conquer us. 
  • We all profit from trade with England.  Parliament does not really need to tax us in order to make money from the Colonies. Colonies and the mother country will prosper through peaceful trade.  However, if Parliament wants to tax us, it has the right to do so. 
  • Many people are trying to make a living that depends on British trade.  Economic boycotts are not fair to hardworking merchants and shopkeepers.  People are being bullied into obeying the boycott.  What kind of freedom is that? 
  • We are too far away from England, and that is why it would not be practical for us to be represented in Parliament.  We are still British subjects. For classroom use only.  May not otherwise be reproduced in any form. 
  • The streets of Boston are out of control with riots and mob violence.  Of course British troops have come to protect people’s safety and keep peace. 
  • All this unrest and talk of independence is being stirred up by a few smugglers and merchants who hope to get rich by avoiding paying customs duties and by putting their competitors out of business.  The common people are being manipulated. 


  • All people have certain rights that the government cannot take away, including a right to hold on to their own property.  Taxation takes away some of our property.  Our property (including money and goods) can only be taken from us if we or our representatives agree to it.  The colonists do not have representation in Parliament, so Parliament cannot make laws to tax us. We have not agreed to be taxed.  No taxation without representation.  If there is to be any taxation, let our own colonial Assembly make that decision.  Any money collected should be used here, not sent to England. 
  • There is no way we could ever be represented in Parliament.  We are too far away, and our representatives would be so outnumbered  that their votes would barely matter.  
  • We think we have done a good job of governing ourselves for many years, and we want to continue. 
  • England’s national debt is not our responsibility.  We loaned money to Parliament for the war effort, and we have not been repaid.  Many colonists fought in the French and Indian War.  We have done our part.  England’s land holdings in America have expanded, and England is benefiting from fur and fish trading now that the French are gone. 
  • British troops have been sent to Boston to threaten us.  The troops are causing violence, not controlling it. The unfair taxes and tax collectors are causing riots.  We are being provoked.  
  • Parliament is trying to suppress us.  We have every right to protest and resist unfair laws. The Stamp Act, for example, interfered with every aspect of our lives. 
  • Innocent people died in the Boston Massacre.  That event would not have happened if the troops had not been here. 
  • England is trying to use us and make money from us.  Parliament is trying to control which companies and countries do business with us.   Customs officials and some merchants are getting rich. 
  • John Hancock’s ship ,The Liberty, has been seized.  American seamen have been unlawfully pressed  (captured)  by British captains. 

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