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There was a time when I lacked a video camera.  And there are still times when pictures work better! 

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2008 is Great! 

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    Jonathan's Birthday

    Dance Party!

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The main location for all of these photos, downloadable in high resolution:

January 2-14, Peter and I went to Rome and Assisi! It was the trip of a lifetime.

February 21-23, Notre Dame let me come visit before signing me up for the next two years!

March 23, all those of us stranded in Boston for Easter got together for a big family dinner!

April 13, Eric was received into the Church, Confirmed, and received his first Holy Communion!

April 18, we put the Hammond Pond woods to good use!

May 3, the underclassmen put on a great farewell dinner for the seniors, and the Sons of St. Patrick were looking good!

May 5, our last Saint Thomas More Society meeting of the 2008 school year.

May 6, Boston in the springtime is really incredible.

May 8, awesome windows in St. Mary's Chapel.

May 13, Grayson, Donato, Peter, and Adam stayed in the water long enough for pictures. A bit crazy, but apparently quite fun too.

May 15, a bunch of our friends blindfolded us and took us back to where it all began.

May 16, two of the Franciscans of Primitive Observance made their final vows! Congratulations!

May 17, Commencement Ball!

May 19, after staying up almost all night, we watched the sun come up!

May 19, we actually made it!

May 19, well you didn't think it ended with the ceremony, did you??

May 21, a few favorite shots around campus, taken on my last day there.

June 6-8, Colorado: You'd love it here.

June 28, from the expensive seats to the press box to the roof to the field? You'd think we owned the place or something...

July 12, Corby's is a cool choice for a birthday party...

August 1, saying goodbye is no fun, but Tae let us come celebrate his birthday with him to make up for it!