Open Mic Night

26 April 2008: Crazy talented folks show their stuff after Koinonia 

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We couldn't get a jungle gym inside, so this is Rob's way of showcasing his monkey skills.

He has some guitar and harmonica skills too, lest you think his talents were merely physical.

You can't hear them very well, but Rob and Eric were rocking.

This time you can hear them, and they're still rocking.

Then it was James' turn to sing for us.

Tim and Mal's introductory poetry.

Tim with some "spoken word" poetry, and it's AWESOME. If I didn't know better, I'd swear there's a CFR in there somewhere... ;o)

James and "The Sand Castle Queen". Beautiful.

Shane, impersonating Fr. Imbelli awfully well.

[I had to leave out the video of the dialogue between Tim/Fr. McNellis and Grayson/Fr. Casey...sorry. It's available on a request basis, maybe.]

Dan on violin!

Violin continued, though briefly. I think this is when the batteries were dying.

Some Irish step dancing action! Awesome!

More dancing!

The next B-XVI's hit? "Easter Sunday"

[If you want to see Shelley's awesome take on Lucifer's story, talk to her!]

[I would very much like permission to post Kelly's poem on here. If/when I get it, I'll post it, but I know it's very personal, so I want to make sure I do that first.]

Kelly's romantic poem.

Rob and MJ with one of the coolest duets I've seen...ever!

Now to ruin the mood completely, this is a sideways video of Donato playing Tantum Ergo in the shower in his underwear. Kudos to Emmy and YouTube for this one.