2008 is Great!

Senior year at BC, graduation, Catechizing Like a Champion, and God only knows what follows... 

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2008 is Great!

    Photo Slideshows

    STM Lectures 

    BC Idol

    St. Joseph's Party 

    BASIC T.O.B. Conference

    Eric's a Catholic!

    Bonfire Fun

    Marathon Monday

    Open Mic Night

    Fr. McNellis


    STM Retreat

    Hammond Pond

    FPO Ordinations

    Commencement Nap

    Indoor Skydiving


    Echo 5 Hoedown

    4th of Jcav

    Jonathan's Birthday

    Dance Party!

    Retreat Songs

The links to the left are really the place to be.  Once I figure out thumbnails, I'll try to link to each sub-heading so you can just click and go.  Not sure when that'll ever happen :o)