Lindsay and Keith

January 10, 2009


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Engagement Pics

We LOVE how our e-pics turned out! April and Nancy are the best!!


All pictures by April Rentz of Bluebird Photography


Makeup by Nancy Dawson of Brideface




 The Ring

My engagement ring is a Hearts on Fire brilliant solitare in a HOF setting (Repertoire).


Yes, people. I have officially jumped on the "ring orb" bandwagon. This orb was too cute to pass up.




The Dress

 David's Bridal - Style P9345 (Ivory)

Allover draped taffeta trumpet with button back and sweep train.


Cheap and chic! Just how I like it!


 Double-Faced Swiss Satin (4") from Romantic Flowers

A black sash for pictures before the ceremony and during the reception



A beige sash for the ceremony



Pre-alterations. Bra cups and bustle to be added.



I purchased this necklace in a little jewelry store in Munich, Germany. I love the rhinestone detail.




1T Ivory Cut Edge, Chapel Length for the ceremony. Awful picture, but you get the idea.


Veil Inspirations 




I'm loving this veil and I have no idea why...I usually HATE short veils.


Bustle Inspiration




Ceremony - Isaac Mizrahi for Target - Beth Pumps in Cream


Customized with new last name initial and wedding date (black sticky rhinestones purchased on eBay-I believe the rhinestones are meant for use on cell phones).

Tip: Use fine-tipped tweezers for easier placement on bottom of shoe. This process took a long time and lots of patience, but I am very satisfied with the end result.


Reception - Ebay - Red Satin Peeptoe Heels 



David's Bridal - Style F12256 - Black Satin Strapeless Trumpet Skirt with Ivory Sash


MOH in the dress

That God-awful pin on the obi knot will be replaced with a vintage rhinestone brooch (part of the BM's gift).


 DIY earrings for each BM 

I made these for only $1/pair!

I also made a very simple pearl necklace for each girl as well.



Wraps for the girls

5 ivory sateen wraps from my local Kohl's for $45 total - ($10 each + 15% off coupon! - gosh I love a good deal!) 



FI's Tux



The GM's Tux




My UH-mazing garters from eBay! Yeah, so UK hasn't been having the best bball seasons lately, but that's okay!

I suppose these also qualify as my "something blue".


Cropped fur jacket from Forever 21 - perfect for a few outdoor pictures.



A gift for FI: Irish flag cufflinks (eBay) 


Hair and Make-up

Inspiration Pics





I want some drama!




I'm a wee bit obsessed with white anemones!

(Martha Stewart Weddings)


(Stoneblossom Floral Design)


(Blush Events Blog)


Mini black callas, fern curls, hydrangeas, roses


 My bouquet will be a combination of white anemones, ranunculus, ivory vendela roses, fern curls and mini black callas. I have specifically requested NO GREENERY and a thick truck.



I am so indecisive about the BMs bouquets - right now I like black magic roses, mini black callas and fern curls. I'm sure I'll change my mind next week!


Initial charms for the BMs bouquets.



Okay, so bouts are starting to grow on me. I am leaving it up to FI whether or not he and the GMs will wear them. I'm guessing he'll vote no, but if he is interested in wearing one, here are some ideas:




(In Style Weddings - Spring 2008)


A bride's cake in the Cincy/Dayton area - I'm assuming the pic above was her inspiration as well...


(Sandra Reed Photography)




 Our amazing vintage 1950s cake topper from eBay (only $30!). FI is going to paint the bride's hair and bouquet to match me. I've never been able to find a vintage topper in such great condition for so cheap - I'm pumped!


AFTER - A little craft paint and voila!



Love this groom's cake! FI is a percussionist, so I'm going to surprise him with a cake like this at the reception. I think we only need 1 tier...yes, I'm a goofball.


Ceremony Location


The ceremony is being held at the church my family has attended for over 50 years.

Highland Avenue Baptist Tabernacle - Ft. Thomas, KY


Reception Details




DIY Centerpiece Mock-up

2-dozen red roses (~$15 on sale) in a round vase ($1 from The Dollar Tree)

We will be using Black Magic roses instead of these bright red roses for the actual centerpieces.


I think I like it better with rose petals around the mirror.


 Glass vases for BMs bouquets (these will be the centerpieces on the bridal party tables) - wow, my lighting skills in these photos are fabulous! 



DIY Cardbox

Instructions can be found on The Road to the Aisle Blog. I highly recommend this blog! Very informative and great DIY project ideas.



Ordered from I had issues with their customer service, but for $30 you really can't beat this deal (search for coupon codes on-line - I was able to save $10).

Here are a few select pages:


Our room in the venue  


This is pretty much the exact look of our table setup: white table linens, white chair covers, black napkins, and black chair sashes. We have to rent the sashes, but everything else is provided by the venue.


We have hired a lighting specialist for the reception venue and will be having pinspot lighting on the centerpieces, lighting for the cake, custom gobo on the dancefloor and color was on the walls. So far, we love amber lighting!


Love this cake table! 




Gobo inspiration



The Gobo FI designed


A great idea - a reminder to guests to upload their digital pics from your wedding onto your own website!




We are going to print up business cards to place on the bar that have taxi companies listed to make sure all of our guests get home safely.





DIY Cocoa Cones

Instructions can be found here


Save the Dates

FI and I designed our STDs in Photoshop and Illustrator and then uploaded the images to Using a 50% off coupon code, we got 250 STDs (way too many, but 100 was not enough) for $37, or .15/postcard!



Since FI is a graphic designer, he is in charge of all things paper.

The only thing I have requested is to use this font:

Damn right it's SUPER FABULOUS!


Our simple (and cheap) invitations. I wanted FI to have a part in DIY'ing our invites. He is a graphic designer and was super excited about helping out. Well, four months away from the wedding and overbudget, we decided to get the print-your-own invitations from Michael's. The brand/style is Martha Stewart Heirloom Ornament.

$39.99 for 48 invites/envelopes and response cards/envelopes x 40% off coupon + tax = $25 x 3 packs = $75!

Postage for the main invite and response card envelope for 120 invitations sent = $100

So $175 for 120 invitations, or $1.46 per invitation.

Very, very excited about this deal!

 Dinner Menu

Nina Salad

(Mesclin salad with sundried cranberries, goat cheese,

and toasted pine nuts tossed with a raspberry vinaigrette)

Carved Old-Fashioned Pitt Ham with Mustard Aioli

Chicken Florentine

(Seared chicken breast with a spinach cream sauce)

Pasta Pomadora

(Penne Pasta with a creamy tomato basil sauce)

Applewood Bacon Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

                                                              Southern Style Green Beans

Sweet Yeast Rolls with Butter



Phoenix/Scottsdale/Sedona/Grand Canyon


4 Nights

Carefree Resort - Carefree, AZ


3 Nights

The Grand Hotel - Grand Canyon, AZ (South Rim)


Thanks to the teachings of Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild, FI and I feel much more equipped to brave the Grand Canyon with only a pocket knife and canteen!



Pre-wedding reviews  

Ceremony Location - Highland Avenue Baptist Tabernacle

This is the church I grew up attending since I was born. The only glitch is that there are 2 aisles that meet at the front of the church, so I don't know which one to walk down! That's just a small detail - we'll figure that out later.

Reception Location - Receptions South

From the moment we walked into our first meeting with Sandy, we were very impressed with the facility and staff. We originally wanted to have our reception at a location such as The Madison or The Phoenix, but our budget simply would not allow it. At Receptions, we are having 200 guests, getting friday night prices (yay, winter weddings!) and a free open bar for 1/2 the cost of a reception at The Madison for only 150 guests. Can't beat that! We have been to numerous events at Receptions and we have ALWAYS had a fabulous time!

Update - April, 2008: We just had our tasting with Receptions and we were VERY impressed with the wide selection of delicious food. We have set our menu and we are very pleased with our selections!

Day of Coordination - Cincy Event Planning (Julie)

FI and I never thought in a million years that we would hire help for the day-of. After much thought, we decided that in order for us to have a smooth, relaxing and enjoyable day, we would hire Julie to help pull together the last-minute details and be with us on the wedding day. I have had an initial meeting with Julie and I can honestly say that she has put my mind at ease regarding many of the logistics for the ceremony and reception. She is wonderful!

Cake - Fantasy in Frosting

Family-owned and operated, this bakery is great. They made my sister's cake for her 2006 wedding and the finished product was gorgeous and tasty. The only difficult time we're having is choosing our flavors!

Grooms Cake - Artrageous Dezerts

I have dealt with the owner, Teri, only through email and she has been extremely hard to contact. After my initial deposit (I'll get to that in a minute) I went for about 2 months without receiving any form of communication from her, even though I sent 3 emails. I continuously expressed my concerns with her regarding the poor communication and she was always apologetic. Six months after I mailed her a deposit (she did not have a contract, so I made one up ), she contacted me to let me know she wasn't sure if she ever received my check. I had to research the issue with my bank, BUY a copy of the check, and email it to her to prove I had indeed paid. Honestly, this whole ordeal has been a nightmare since the very beginning. I really hope that she pulls through and finishes the cake.

Florist - Rose Braden (859-586-5282)

I stumbled upon this florist from a knottie on the Cincy board (Christine.Louie). Rose works out of her home and is very reasonably priced. I recently met her at her floral warehouse to pick out my blooms, which I found extremely helpful because it allowed me to see the actual color of my flowers so there are no surprises on the day-of. There have been a few times where Rose and I have had disagreements - I want the groomsmen to have black calla bouts, but she feels that the callas should be red (so the flower stands out from the tuxedo). I continuously expressed that I want BLACK bouts, however, when I received my contract it said RED callas. Small things like this has upset me because I don't think I'm being too demanding in my choices. I also wanted fiddlehead ferns in all bouts and bridal party bouquets, but since she feels the bloom is too expensive, she has limited the fern to only FI's bout and my bouquet. I understand that she wants to save me money, but if I am willing to pay extra for a particular bloom, then what is the big deal? I will, however, continue to tweak my contract until I get everything I want in writing.

Photographer - Bluebird Photography

Love love love our photographer! Photography was the one area where we would not scrimp and we knew we wanted to hire the best. April is an artist in the highest sense and her style fits very well with our personalities. She shot my sister's wedding a few years ago and my entire family was very impressed with her work and her kindness. She's spunky and full of energy and we love her! If anyone in the Cincy area is looking for a fab photog, I highly recommend Bluebird!

Videographer - Lifetime Video

I am extremely excited about having Lifetime film the wedding! Their videos are great and you can't help but to cry when you watch their work! FI and I originally did not budget for a videographer (we didn't even think about it!), but I am very glad we made the decision to have one.

Live Musicians - Dark Moll

FI and I are into Irish traditions and music, and what better way to incorporate both into the wedding than to have irish musicians at the reception?! The band will play during cocktail hour and dinner. We have heard Dark Moll live on several occasions, and know they will do a wonderful job at the reception. The band has not required any sort of contract or money up front (and won't address either subject per email), so I'm hoping they show up to the reception. If not, we have a great DJ anyway.

DJ - Brian Benton

Brian is a close friend and is associated with a DJ company in Cincinnati. He is offering me and FI a deal by working our wedding on the side, which is very much appreciated. He does great work and he is one vendor who I can put my total trust in to pull through for us on the wedding day.

Lighting - Goodwin Lighting

Okay, so lighting was definitely not considered until I joined TK and started reading the message boards. I've seen house lighting can totally transform a room and bring a sense of warmth to the space. The cost for Goodwin to light our reception room was reasonable (IMO) and we are excited to see the finished product. We are having pin lighting on the centerpieces, cake lighting, an amber color wash on the walls, and a customized gobo on the dancefloor.

Save the Dates-

Simple, fast, easy and professional. Highly recommend.

Invitations - FI/Michael's

Cheap and easy. Sign up for Michael's email list and you'll get 30-40% off coupons in your inbox weekly.

Engagement ring/Bride's wedding band - Rogers Jewelers

I recommend Rogers because of the great selection of high quality products. There have been some bumps along the way as far as sizing is concerned, but we have had a good experience with the store so far and I recommend working with Rachel.

Tuxedos - Skeffingtons

I used to work for this company during high school and I have witnessed its awful management and business practices. Unfortunately, they were able to blow everyone else's prices out of the water, so we went ahead and booked. I'm not too happy about using them, but oh well.

My Dress - David's Bridal

I worked with the Florence, KY location, and have nothing but wonderful things to say about them (my consultant was Amanda S.). I know DB gets slammed for their customer service, but I was very impressed with the service each time I went to the store. I went dress shopping with my best friend and politely asked to have privacy and time when trying on dresses. I was never pressured to buy anything and left feeling very satisfied.

Alterations - Pauline Miller

I just took my dress in for my first fitting and Pauline has been nothing short of amazing! I originally thought I needed the bust taken in, however she sewed in bra cups ($12) and saved me money by doing so. She also pinned my bustle to perfection and showed me how to tie my sash. This woman is amazing and I am so glad I followed the Cincy knotties recommendations.

Bridesmaid Dresses - David's Bridal

So far, so good. All girls have ordered their dresses and they recently were informed the dresses are available for pickup. I have one OOT bridesmaid who ordered her dress at her local DB, but has yet to receive it. Fingers-crossed!

Hair Stylist - Kelly Wagner

Kelly is a good friend and BM and just graduated from hair school. She and a helper will be styling all of the BP hair.

Makeup Artist - Nancy of Brideface

Nancy = badass. She did my makeup for my e-pics and I felt like a rockstar. I am so excited to have her booked for the wedding day. As a gift to all of my BMs, I am having Nancy come to our hotel to do all of the BP makeup. She is simply fabulous! I just had my trial with Nancy and loved the finished look! This is a vendor that gets it right the first time. HIGHLY recommend.


Misc. Vendors

Cake topper, Reception shoes, SPANX, Garter, Brooches - eBay

Hair fascinator - Debenhams (UK), Etsy

Veil - eBay (ValuVeil)

Bridesmaid's purses - Accessorize (UK)

Necklace - A small jewelry store in Munich, Germany

Fur jacket - Forever 21

Cake Serving Set - Kirkland's

Bridal Dress Sash - RomanticFlowers

Ceremony shoes - Target

Centerpieces - The Dollar Tree (glass vases)

Honeymoon planning - Expedia


And because every bride needs a sense of humor...