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Dyslexia Intervention Center

Mrs. Hall, Lindsay Lane Christian Academy’s dyslexia teacher, was presented the Crystal Apple Award by WAAY FM 88.1 and Family Security Credit Union on Wednesday, December 7th.  She was nominated by Mrs. Leigh Anne Swindell.  This is the paragraph that Mrs. Swindell submitted about Mrs. Hall. 


“Mrs. Hall has made a life-changing difference in my son’s world and the worlds of the other children in the dyslexia program at LLCA.  Dyslexia is a baffling and frustrating learning disorder that can handicap smart children from being able to learn.  Mrs. Hall has patiently worked with the students in the new dyslexia program that was started at Faith Christian Academy last year and has continued to grow this year at LLCA.  With her love and patient instruction and hard work, my son and the other students have made remarkable progress.  Last year my son’s reading level and spelling performance grew three grade levels with her intervention.  I get emotional every time I think or talk about it.  She has been such an answer to prayer!  Our 4th grade son Jonathan loves the time in her class!  Mrs. Hall gives 100% to this mission to help these kids who can so easily fall through the cracks.  She works to always learn more and better ways to instruct and motivate and encourage them.  She is definitely a Crystal Apple teacher!”



A note sent to Mrs. Hall from a parent of our newest dyslexic student:


“Please allow me to tell you how very grateful I am for you ladies and the dyslexia program!  Yesterday on the way to school, Jack said, “Mommy, you know how I used to not like to read?  Now, I kinda do!” Then on the way home today, he said, “Momma, besides you, I love my teachers better than anything in the whole world!”  Thank you for giving my baby back his confidence!
Congratulations Mrs. Hall on receipt of this award!

The Lindsay Lane Christian Academy Dyslexia Intervention Center is a special division of Lindsay Lane Christian Academy established to help families with dyslexic children.  It is directed by Mrs. Cindy Hall, who has thirty years experience as a teacher and tutor.  She will work one-on-one and in very small groups in her classroom, using the Orton-Gillingham method.  The goal will be to provide remedial  instruction so that the student can succeed in the regular Christian school classroom.  The Dyslexia Program is a TEAM effort which involves parents, students, the specially trained teacher, and the certified classroom teacher--all working together.

The Dyslexia program is available for grades K - 5th grades at our East and Main campuses.


We believe that our approach to dyslexia remediation is unique in North Alabama for the following reasons:

  • It is part of a K-12 Christian school.
  • It is possible for children to rather quickly mainstream in a regular LLCA classroom, while still being supported by the special help they need with an integrated TEAM approach ("isolation" is as minimal as possible). 
  • Each child follows an individualized educational plan and parents have input in each part of the plan.
  • We do not lump all kinds of disabilities or needs into a "special ed" classroom.  Our class deals only with dyslexia and its related needs.  It focuses on real help for the real problem.
  • The teacher/director, Cindy Hall, holds degrees in elementary education and Bible, and in addition, has Orton-Gillingham training specifically for dyslexia.  She has 30 years of experience as a teacher and tutor.
  • We offer qualilty dyslexia intervention without giving up a Bible centered, Christian environment or value system.
  • Compared to many specialized dyslexia programs, ours is relatively affordable (without any sacrifice in quality).

For detailed information, we suggest that parents contact Lindsay Lane Christian Academy (256)262-5323 and ask for an appointment with Mrs. Cindy Hall. 


Parents are excited about the changes and improvements they see in their children who are part of the Dyslexia Center at Faith Christian Academy.  Read the testimonials below, each written by parents with children in the dyslexia program:


Our son is a very bright, outgoing 10 year old.  He is enjoyable and has a very funny sense of humor.  He did great in kindergarten, though his teacher was somewhat concerned by his inability to remember phonics and by his sub-par writing skills.  By the time he was in first grade, it was obvious there was a learning disability and he was diagnosed with dyslexia.  At that time, I began to home school him and continued to do so for three years.  This was a good time of growth for him, and he improved, slowly but steadily, in his ability to read and write, though it was more and more obvious how difficult this process was for him.


This summer I had a gnawing feeling that I would not be home schooling him this year because I did not know how to take him further and give him the help he needed.  (I was also tired out!)  We heard about the new dyslexia program at Faith Christian School in Madison, and we decided to give it a try.  The progress Jonathan has made has been nothing short of amazing.  His confidence is growing daily.  His letter reversals are a thing of the past.  His reading has improved an entire level.  And he makes 100’s on his spelling tests!   I am more grateful than words can express!  Mrs. Hall’s intensive training in correcting dyslexia along with her loving commitment to these children in her program has made all of this possible.  If you have a child with dyslexia or know someone who does, this program might be a great fit for you.  It is affordable and definitely worth the investment in your child’s future.


- Leigh Anne Swindell


The dyslexia program at Faith Christian Academy has been invaluable for our

family.  We have three sons, Ethan, Joshua, and Andrew Catterall.  We have our

middle son, Joshua,  enrolled in the program with Mrs. Cindy Hall presently. He

is in the third grade.  He was only diagnosed with dyslexia officially last

spring but has been receiving tutoring with Mrs. Hall over the summer. Now,he is

attending Faith Christian where he has the wonderful opportunity to see Mrs.

Hall everyday.  Dyslexia is not a disease, it is just a different way of learning especially in

the language subject areas. I know that my sons have much potential and are very

bright.  It it not something that one should be ashamed of or fear.  This

program is intended to teach, build confidence and allow our children to bloom

in a way we may not have seen them before.  My husband I have begun to see this

in Joshua.  He is radiating confidence that we have never witnessed in him.  We

have been very blessed to have such an affordable dyslexia program nearby, as

well as, a Christian one at that. Since the program is in a Christian school our

family is getting the aid that it needs to help raise our boys for the Lord

while giving them what they need in classroom instruction as well. I would like

to see this program blossom and spring forth bigger and better than ever in the

upcoming years. 


- Kellie Catterall 

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