Reaching the Top? 

All Paths are True on the Right Mountain

(an allegorical tale)


This is the story of Lazuli, an average man with ordinary problems which, in his case, were enough to open his mind to something wonderful. Something that was already right in front of his nose – a mountain in the middle of his city that was virtually ignored. Improbable? Possibly, but then the events that follow somehow seem as natural and important as anything could be. And the story is simple, based on climbing a mountain and coming down again. But while access to the mountain is easy, it seems very few are interested in it. Lazuli and his colleagues resolve to explore the forgotten mount, their paths reflecting their individual characters, and the most common outcome is boredom leading them to return to the more interesting diversions of everyday life. But for Lazuli and his friend, and a few others they meet on the way, a new discovery awakens in them and they are never the same again – they are content. A short and positive tale; a parable.


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Cover image with the kind permission of its creator Michael Leunig, cartoonist, philosopher, poet, artist, and National (Australia) Living Treasure.




National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry:

Reaching the top? : all paths are true on the right mountain.

 ISBN 9780975100035 (pbk.).

 1. Allegories.  2. Spiritual life.  3. Symbolism in literature.  I. Title.


My thanks to all who read early drafts, especially Simone Falvey Behr, Geoff Anderson, Charan Chantalakhana, Gabriel Fragnière, Trevor Gibson, Suzanne Gnaegy, Wayne Haslam, Peter Jamvold, Trasvin Jittidecharak, Jivata, Val Kelly, John Leake, Tony Loquet, Robyn Porter, Rene Salm, Siladasa, Robert White and Nigel Wood. And to Christopher Falvey for once again designing cover layout.


Copyright 2007 Lindsay Falvey; the work may be reproduced for free distribution for the benefit of whomever seeks to understand more of life and themselves.








The Misty Mountain                                                5


Around the Gates                                                       9


Through the Gate                                                    13


Broadway                                                                   18


Causal Camp                                                             26


Faith, Hope and Charity                                        35


The Evangelist                                                          44


The View from the Summit                                 50


Re-entering the World                                           55


Epilogue                                                                    63





Dedicated to

All who seek their path

To understanding themselves and life



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