Papers and Articles On-line

Papers Accessible on the Web (others available via websearches, libraries or universities):

Agri-ecology, Health, Sustainability and Religion (Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, 2005) 

Dean’s Retirement Speech – Decanal Declamation (University of Melbourne, 1999)

The Greening of Poverty: Global Solutions or More of the Same? (Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, 2005)

Technology and Ancient Wisdom in Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability is the Answer! – What was the Question?

The Buddha’s Gospel: A Buddhist Interpretation of Jesus’ Words.

Sustainable Technologies in Thai Agriculture

GMOs and GFN

Revitalising Agricultural Education. RIRDC.

The Future for Smallholder Dairying

Are Faculties of Agriculture Still Necessary?

Institutional arrangements in agricultural education, extension and research: Lessons for international development. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education

The emerging role for agricultural education in producing future researchers. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education

Loaves and Fishes. ABC Radio.


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