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  • I was just offered a job at Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning!  Yay!  Finally, I will be promoting something that I feel passionately about.  Smart growth, not highways!  I start on May 14th.  My last day here is May 4th.  
  • I can't wait to buy a bicycle in Chicago and get back to being a bike commuter!
  • The owner of Rice was mugged in front of my house the other day.  Two guys followed him down our street and hit him over the head.  I heard him screaming for help, but by the time I got outside, they were long gone.  It's such a shame.  He's just a nice old man walking home.   
  • My bike was stolen!  I'm so sad.  My main mode of transportation around the city and into the 'burbs.  So much for my Biking to Work blog!  Maybe I'll buy another one when it warms up or when I find myself in a friendlier city. 
  • My blog has been featured on a couple of local bike blogs!  On WABA's The Wash Cycle and Gwadzilla's blog
  • So my bicycling blog started as a one-month project, but it seems to be catching on and people like it.  So I've decided to change the focus of the blog and make it about my daily commute.

Websites I Like Right Now

Center for the New American Dream
*Like the bumper sticker you've seen before, "Live simply so that others may simply live."  This group advocates a change in how Americans think.  In their words, "The Center for a New American Dream helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice."

 In Shaw Blog
*I just came across this page...written by a young single woman commenting on life as a gentrifier.  

About me...

Music I'm listening to:

"Oh Lately It's so Quiet" - OK Go
"Sisters" - the Changes
"Hotel Song" - Regina Spektor
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A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr

My Other Websites:

Salsa Clubs in DC
*Find out where the best places to dance salsa in DC are, for each day of the week!  I made this Google Map mash-up with 

My very first Website 
*This is a website that I started back in 1999.  I've updated it a few times, but it is mostly pretty old.  But I was so cool back then that it's worth checking out!

My Blogs:

Self-Righteous Biker
*My rantings as a bike commuter.  Mostly focusing on police enforcement of  BIKE/BUS ONLY lanes, with photos of cars illegally driving in the lane. 

My Artwork
*I like to paint and draw and show you what I've done.  Or you could just look at my Picasa website.  But this one gives background info to the art.