Our staff

Lindow combines a high degree of professional ability and experience within its staff, plus a large amount of enthusiasm and a desire to improve the teaching and learning environment. This is reflected in the atmosphere and ethos of our school.

School Staff 2013/14

   Teaching Assistants
   School Administrator
 Miss Zoe Wilson
   Mrs Linda Chadwick  Teaching Assistant - HIU  Mrs Linda O'Rourke
 Deputy Headteacher
 Mrs Amelia Lomas
   Mrs Sue Harris
 Mrs Annette Phillips
 Teaching Assistant - HIU 
 Teaching Assistant
 Site Manager
Mr Chris Wright
 Senior Leadership    Miss Katy Bodey  Teaching Assistant - HIU  School Cook
 Mrs Fran Holmes

 Mrs Quita Canny  Teaching Assistant - Special Needs  Mrs Emily Clowes
 Mrs Dawn Cranshaw  Mrs Adele Darroch Teaching Assistant - HIU Midday Assistants
   Mrs Jane Gerrard  Teaching Assistant  Mrs Vi Chadwick
 Miss Rachel Pengelly
 Mrs Elizabeth Hobson  Teaching Assistant - HIU  Mrs Julie Brown
 Mrs Dawn Cranshaw   }
 Mrs Sarah Wilson        }
Year 1 Mrs Sam Jackson
 Miss Liz Jeffries
 Teaching Assistant - Special Needs
 Teaching Assistant - Special Needs
 Mrs Marilyn Haines
 Mrs Lisa Glenister
 Miss Michelle CoventryYear 2 Miss Rosie Margerson Teaching Assistant Mrs Judith Lomas
 Mrs Patti CrossenYear 3 Mrs Julia Nicholas  Teaching Assistant Mrs Samantha Potter
 Miss Victoria Lightfoot Year 4  Mrs Claire Ormerod  Teaching Assistant   
 Mrs Alex Rossiter Year 5
 Ms Amanda Phillips  Teaching Assistant - Special Needs   
 Miss Lisa Oakes          }Year 6  Mrs Jill Porteous Teaching Assistant 
 Mrs Amelia Lomas       }  Mrs Julie Brown Teaching Assistant - Special Needs 
 Mrs Karen McCurdyPPA Mrs Audrey Richardson Teaching Assistant - Special Needs 
 Mrs Fran Holmes Teacher of the Deaf   Mrs Gill Stocker  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs Kim Shepherd Teacher of the Deaf   Miss Rebecca Stone  Teaching Assistant  
 Mrs Sarah Duncan Reading Recovery  Ms Giulia Marsili  Teaching Assistant - Special Needs
   Mrs Louise Saunders Teaching Assistant - Special Needs 
 Mr John Thornton Music