Our policies

All schools are required by law to have a set of statutory policies complemented by non-statutory policies that define the running of the school. These policies can be found by following this link or the link at the bottom of the page. 

Extracts from the policies can be found in the following paragraphs.

Our policy for dress code, absence from school and holidays during term time can be seen on "Our office" page.

Pupil Welfare
1. Discipline
- we have a consistent and fair Behaviour Code in place in school, which enables our children to know what is expected of them. All children are properly supervised at all times in school. Our Golden Rules encourage our children to be polite, considerate and responsible.

2. Bullying - is not acceptable under any circumstances. Should any parent feel that an incident of bullying has occurred they must contact school immediately so that the situation can be dealt with in an appropriate manner. We also have a confidential email address where parents or children can report any concerns. Please email 
Bully Busterbullybuster@lindow.cheshire.sch.uk

3. Accidents/Illness in School - if your child is taken ill or has an accident in school we may need to contact you IMMEDIATELY. Please make sure that your contact numbers are kept up to date to make this possible. 

4. Medication - the Headteacher or School Secretary can only administer medicine in school if you have filled in the appropriate form (available from the school office and attached here). In cases of asthma medication, the same form must be completed but children can keep their inhalers in their tray in the classroom.

5. Child Protection - staff are aware of problems that may occur regarding the abuse of children. With the welfare of our children uppermost in mind, the staff will seek help from the appropriate authorities if they feel that this is necessary.

6. Safeguarding Children -
Safeguarding children is a priority at Lindow Community Primary School.
All adults in our school have a responsibility for safeguarding.
The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Miss Wilson, the Designated Safeguarding Deputy is Mrs Lomas. These staff have completed Intermediate Safeguarding Training, led by the LSCB (Local Safeguarding Children Board).

All staff (teachers, teaching assistants, midday assistants, admin staff and the site manager) have completed Basic Awareness of Safeguarding Training, led by the LSCB. The most recent whole staff training took place in 2013.

The named Governor for Safeguarding is: Mr Norris. All staff, governors, students and volunteers undertake a CRB check, and staff CRB details are kept in a Single Central Record in school.

All staff recruitment panels include a person who has completed appropriate 'Safer Recruitment in Education' training.

All adults in school are required to wear an Identification Badge, and must sign in at the school office, where they will be required to read a copy of the visitor code of conduct.

The Safeguarding Policy (and its related policies) form a central part of the new staff induction process. We believe that it is important to make children and young people aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable, and our PHSCE curriculum supports children in recognising when their personal safety is being compromised. The school also signposts access to support for pupils, by displaying Childline posters and contact telephone number. We are committed to multi-agency working to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of the pupils at Lindow Community Primary School. For more information see here...

Complaints Procedure
We hope that all our children have a trouble free and happy primary education at Lindow. However, occasionally things do go wrong and we acknowledge this. It is important that problems are resolved immediately they arise. We are an open and friendly school and hope we can work together to sort things out if there are difficulties.

    What to do:
  • talk to your child's teacher as soon as possible
  • if this does not resolve the problem, talk to the Headteacher as soon as you can and as often as you need to, until the problem is resolved
  • if this does not resolve the problem, contact the Chair of Governors in writing via the school
  • the final step is to contact Ofsted or the Secretary of State, for details see here...
Admissions Policy
Parents have a right to choose which school their child attends regardless of where they live, but admission does depend upon the availability of places.
Our admissions policy is in line with Council Policy (click here) and the school has a year group standard of 30 children. We do admit a number of children from out of our zone. Parents are welcome to visit us at any time prior to admission to view our school. We will be delighted to see you! Our local offer for Special Education Needs children can be found here.

All pupils enter Reception year in the academic year in which they are five. The academic year runs from September 1st to August 31st. This means that the majority of children will be four years old when they start school. Before they start school in September, they have the opportunity to visit several times beforehand to meet eveyone and find out where everything is. Linked to these visits are meetings for new parents at which they can meet the staff and discuss how to make the transition to school easier for their children.

Charging Policy
Our Governors have adopted Cheshire East Council's policy
re: payments and remissions for visits, day and residential, and other activities. Parents are asked for voluntary contributions when required. However, for those in receipt of income support or family credit, suitable arrangements can be made. No child will be prevented from accompanying a group because of financial difficulties.

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