Our governors

The Headteacher manages the school and is also a school governor. She is responsible to the Governing Body, which is in turn responsible to the Local Education Authority (Cheshire East).

It is the duty of the Governors to:
  • oversee the general conduct of the school
  • monitor the effective delivery of a sound education based on the National Curriculum
  • in consultation with the Headteacher, manage the budget, appoint teaching and non-teaching staff and ensure a continuing high standard of provision with regard to buildings, grounds, resources and equipment
  • ensure high standards of safety within the school and promote good relations with the local community
The Governors identify very closely with the school and work in close partnership with staff and parents. They voluntarily undertake this demanding role because of their interest and desire to contribute to the continuing success of Lindow School. 

The Governing Body operates as a whole body meeting once every half term and through five committees that meet at least once per term:

    1. Finance & Premises
    2. Personnel & Staffing
    3. Teaching & Learning
    4. Personal Development & Welfare
    5. Standards & Outcomes

Our Governing Body follows a Code of Conduct, details can be found here.

The terms of reference of the Governing Body and these committees can be found here.

The Governing Body is represented at Parents' Evenings and may organise informal meetings at which parents can discuss issues and concerns.

                                             Governors & their responsibilities

Governor  Role Committees
Mr Richard Norris  Chair; Co-opted Governor All committees
Mrs Marie Griffiths  Vice-Chair; Co-opted (Parent) Governor 1; 2; 4 (Chair); 5
Ms Toni Yates  Co-opted Governor 1; 4
Mrs Jo Breakell  Parent Governor 2; 3; 5 (Chair)
Mr Robert Craft  Co-opted Governor 1; 3
Mrs Kate Unwin
 LEA Appointed Governor
2; 3 (Chair); 5
Mrs Laura Fleming  Co-opted (Parent) Governor 2 (Chair); 3; 5
Mrs Sarah Crispin
 Parent Governor
1; 2
Mrs Jo Dunn
 Co-opted (Parent) Governor
1 (Chair); 4; 5
Mr Gareth Jones Co-opted Governor 
Miss Victoria Lightfoot  Teacher Governor 1; 4
Miss Zoe Wilson
 Headteacher All committees
Mrs Amelia Lomas
 Associate Governor                                  3; 4; 5
Mrs Alex Rossiter  Associate Governor 1; 4

Governors nominally sit on 2 or 3 committees but are able to attend any committee meeting if they wish.

Meet the Governors...

Please follow this link to read a short profile of our Governors and details of their attendance at Governing Body meetings.

(To contact the governors please email: governors@lindow.cheshire.sch.uk)

Governors' Meetings 2016/17:

Full Governors
10th Sept (9am)
19th September (6pm)
5th Dec (6 pm)
6th Feb 2017 (6pm)
27th Mar (6pm)
8th May (6pm)
24th July (6pm)
Teaching & Learning Committee
30th Nov (8am)
22nd Mar 2017 (8am)
12th Jul (8am)
Finance / Premises Committee
11th Oct (8am)
16th Nov (8am)
8th February (8am)

Personnel & Staffing Committee
22nd Sep (8am)
25th Jan (8am)
20th Mar (8am)

Personal Dev't & Welfare Committee
8th November (8am)

Standards & Outcomes Committee
1st Feb (8am)
6th Mar (8am)
4th May (8am)