Our aims

Our aim is to enable our children to develop...
  • enquiring and imaginative minds 
  • healthy attitudes to living 
  • respect for themselves and others 
  • team spirit and good sportsmanship
We achieve our aims by:
  • ensuring all our children are happy and motivated
  • ensuring that a sound educational foundation is formed through a broad, balanced curriculum
  • having high expectations of all our pupils, allowing them to fulfil their potential 
  • ensuring that what is taught is relevant to the child’s own experience, ability and level of maturity
  • working with parents as a team and involving them as much as possible
  • being positive in all we do, celebrating individual, whole school and group success
  • providing a warm and friendly atmosphere that is open to parents and members of the community
  • providing a variety of experiences both in and out of school
  • creating an atmosphere in which it is safe to make mistakes and where there is mutual respect
  • creating and maintaining a safe and stimulating environment that is rich in enjoyable learning experiences.
Our ethos is to ensure that our children:
  • develop essential skills and knowledge to extend their mathematical, linguistic, scientific, artistic and technical abilities
  • maintain a positive self-image and to develop personal beliefs and values
  • become individuals who are independent learners, generous in spirit and who care for others, responsible for their own actions, adaptable and tolerant, self-disciplined and self-motivated.

By the time the children transfer to the next stage of their education, we aim to ensure that they are happy, confident, knowledgeable, honest and thoughtful individuals who are sensitive to, and understanding of, the needs of others.