Welcome to Science at Lindow!
At Lindow we believe Science is the key to unlocking children’s curiosity about their environment and the world around them. Science is fun, exciting and has the means to inspire children across the curriculum, for example, in English and Maths. To this end we have developed a Science Vision with supporting aims to help us achieve this. Details of the DfE's Curriculum for Science can be found here...

Lindow Vision: 
To make Science instrumental in helping children to become curious and motivated individuals who care about their environment and the world, and to inspire lifelong learning in Science.

Lindow Aims:
To inspire lifelong learning in Science by encouraging children to be independent and analytical thinkers who:
  • Work cooperatively with their peers
  • Learn through questioning
  • Share ideas and predict outcomes through practical investigation
  • Take these skills with them through their education and life. 
We are currently holders of the Bronze Primary Science Quality Mark which celebrates commitment and excellence in Science.  

Science Timetable 2017/18
The timetable for each year group can be found by following these links...

Lindow Parent Scientists
We are always looking at ways we can enrich the children’s learning experiences in Science by giving them as many opportunities as possible to work scientifically e.g. conducting experiments , observations etc. As a result, we are hoping to set up a register of parents who have a scientific back ground or work in the outdoors who would be happy to come into school and share their knowledge with the children.  We can then contact a parent who has registered and organise a time to come to visit a class.

We already have a number of parents who have done this in the past and the children love it, they are a very receptive audience!!  If you are unsure of the topics we teach there is a Science timetable above that shows how we cover the Science curriculum across the school, there is also a link to the Science Curriculum.  

If you feel you would like to take part please contact Mrs Crossen, she is in school Monday – Thursday. 

Science at home
This is great fun and doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated; it also ignites the children’s interest. Below are some websites with ideas. We would love to see photographs or a paragraph from your child about their experiment.