Year 4 - Mrs Wilson & Mrs Lomas 

Welcome  to Year 4, we've got an exciting first term ahead!

Below is a range of information and helpful links to support your children in their learning

Our first topic is ‘Water’ and we will be investigating why materials change state when they are heated or cooled and looking at evaporation and condensation as part of the water cycle. We'd like the children to keep a record of the water used at home, please use the form here to record what happens in your home.

English - We will be focusing on ensuring that we are confident to write using a variety of different sentences as well as using exciting vocabulary to have an impact on the reader. Our inspiration is the book, 'The Flood' by Alvaro F Villa

Maths - We will be spending some time looking at place value as well as the written methods for addition and subtraction

Science - We will be investigating that materials change state when they are heated or cooled. Also we will look at the processes of evaporation and condensation in the water cycle

Outdoor PE -  Tuesday afternoon. Our Outdoor PE lessons will be focusing on fitness. Children will be setting themselves targets and working to improve their overall core strength and stamina. Please make sure your kit is in school
Swimming - This will continue with swimming on a Thursday morning, starting on 20th September

Art - First we will be revisiting our sketching skills. Then we will be exploring ways of combining paint, pastels and marker to create large-scale mural style paintings

Computing - E-safety - Children will be thinking critically about the information they share online

RE - We will be focusing on Muslim beliefs, how Muslim people care for the environment and how their organisations help people in need

MFL - We will continue with our French lessons, building on the basic conversational phrases and learning how to describe school

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Dates for your diary:
20th September - Swimming starts
24th April 2019 - Robinwood
9th May 2019 -  Y4 class assembly.

This Week's Homework

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