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Welcome to Year 3!

We have had such a busy year so far and are looking ahead to our final Summer half term now before moving up to Year 4. There are lots of exciting learning opportunities ahead of us in each of our different subjects, as you can see below. 

Please note that Mrs Crossen will be teaching the class every Monday.


This term our topic has been all about Manchester where we have had opportunities to consider the Geography of Manchester, what it means to be a city and the similarities and differences between Manchester, Wilmslow and Lindow relative to each other and in terms of location too. We have researched famous buildings including the Beetham Tower and have also thought about foods and cuisines Manchester is famous for - tasting some sweet treats created in the city! As we continue to learn about Manchester this term, we will look back in time to consider the impact that the Industrial Revolution had and how this inspired the work of the artist L S Lowry, whom we will take inspiration from to produce our own cityscape art work.
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English - After the love everyone in Year 3 had from reading Leon and the Place Between, we will be starting with a new and exciting book this half term to act as a hook for our writing. Our new class book will be 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies, which tells the story for a young girl living in an inner city. We will discover what is meant by 'the promise' and what interesting ventures must be done to keep it. I hope that this will help the children to think more about cities now so they can see links between our topic and English work. We will be creating diary entries, letters and writing descriptions as we really get into the mind of the main character to think from her perspective as well as those of other characters that we will meet along the way.
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Maths - In Maths, we will continue to secure our understanding of fractions by comparing and ordering. We will also explore shape, measure and statistics too. Our focus across the Summer Term for our times tables learning has been the 8 times tables.
Many children can now quickly recall the 8 times tables multiplication and division facts and for these children the challenge is to now secure their ability to recall the 3, 4 and 8 times table multiplication and division facts interchangeably and with speed!
The class will be tested on their times tables once a week on a Friday afternoon. They will need to answer 40 questions in 5 minutes and those children who score high enough to go onto the premiership league will receive 2 DOJOS with all those scoring top marks receiving 3 DOJOS. On the final test before half term, nine children scored full marks!

Science – Mrs. Crossen will be leading Year. 3 Science this year with a focus on rocks over this term.

PE  - Year 3 will have PE lessons on Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. On Monday, Mrs Crossen will take the class for indoor PE where the children will be learning to dance and replicate some of the shapes of city landscapes as links are made with Lowry to create shape dances. On Wednesday afternoons, we will be continuing to learn cricket with Ben Tyler of Lindow Cricket Club.

Music – In music we will be using our voices and hands as musical instruments to learn about rhythms and create our own songs.

RE – We will be learning about Christianity in RE, developing an understanding of the values and celebrations taking place within this religion. This will also build upon the learning the children do in their collective worship assemblies.

MFL – We will be learning Spanish and how to use this language to greet others and communicate socially.


Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 14th June - Class Photos

Friday 16th June - Dress Down Day

Tuesday 27th June - Year 3 trip to Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary

Thursday 6th July - Year 3 Class Assembly


English, Maths and Spelling Homework is given out weekly on Fridays and should be returned back to school on the following Wednesday. If your child's homework is not received, a negative DOJO will be given.

Please keep working on your child's times tables at home to reinforce what we are learning and testing on in school, by the end of Year 3 your child will need to know multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. 

Please also note that reading records will be checked on a Friday and books swapped, we expect that children should have read at home at least three times during a week and this should be documented within their reading diaries. Class dojos will be given out to those children that have done so.
Should your child need to change their book during the week they are welcome to do so during registration time, break or lunch times in Booktropolis. This is a lovely area to enjoy reading and it is nice to see that so many of the children in Year 3 enjoy going there in lunch times.   

Please enjoy our Class DOJO page where children's learning and achievements are shared.

Miss Oakes

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