Year 1 - Mrs Cranshaw / Mrs Wilson

Our Year 1 class is taught by Mrs Cranshaw on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and by Mrs Wilson on Thursday and Friday.

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 where we will be sharing information and communicating with you about our learning in class. Our page will also include reminders, for example, trip dates and important events as well as celebrating some of the lovely things the children do each week.  

Spring Term 2017 

Our new theme for this term is ‘Once upon a time ' We arrived back in school after the Christmas break to find some strange things around school and a letter from the Jolly Postman asking for some help to sort out his mixed up fairy tale letters.

We found a beanstalk growing in the year 1 classroom, sticks, straw and bricks in the Library, Little Red Riding Hoods basket and cloak near breakfast club, Cinderella's slipper on the steps and lots of other unusual items. I'm sure we will find out what's going on!

Below is a guide to the things we will be focusing on after  half term, however things may change depending on children's learning.


Curriculum content


Week 1: Jack and the Beanstalk - Repetition

Week 2: Jack and the Beanstalk - Instructions

Week 3: The Enormous Turnip -Repetition

Week 4- The Little Red Hen - Instruction

Week 5:The Little Red Hen - Assessment

Ongoing: Daily phonics plus regular reading and handwriting sessions


Week 1: Addition and Subtraction

Week 2: Working with Numbers to 100

Week 3:  Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's

Week 4: Fractions

Week 5:  Assessment

Ongoing: problem solving activities and maths games


Week 1: Planting beans

Week 2: Different Seeds

Week 3:  Planting Seeds

Week 4:  Seed reproduction

Week 5:  Plants


Observational drawings of flowers and seeds. Looking at artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and designing our own food faces.


Designing a pop up beanstalk and making Turnip soup and bread.


Look at Giants Causeway and creating our own maps.


labelling parts of a plant. Beebot map - plotting little red hen's journey


Music linked to composers and our topic


Outdoors – team games . Indoor – Gymnastics


Good to be me - Feelings


Love and Forgiveness / Easter

Everyday we choose someone who has gone that extra mile whether it be in their work or as a class member. That child gets a special 'dip in the box' to keep and take home. They also get to sit on our very special throne the following day.

We also have a special golden frame just inside the classroom. This is for 'Work of the Week' which is there for all to see the amazing efforts from the children in their work.

We also have our own class dojo page where children are given dojo points for working hard, good teamwork, perseverance etc. We also post messages to the closed parent group on this which is great for keeping in contact and sharing current learning and photo's

The children also have Maths and English targets that they are working towards and when they get there they get a special reward. Parents also have a copy of these each half term if they want to help their children too. 

Additional Information
Alongside the 2 teachers in Year 1 we also have our lovely teaching assistant Miss Margeson every morning. We also have a few different adults who are there to support 1:1 children in year1.

Dates for your diary:

Monday 13th February - Parents Evening

Friday 17th February - Finish for half term

This Week's Homework
Reading - 10 minutes every day
Maths/English -
Spellings - purple book -

Year 1 Information

The children will continue have a concentrated 20 minute phase 5 ‘phonics’ every morning to maintain their skills in reading and spelling new words.

Each week, each child will read in a guided reading session with their teacher learning different strategies to help with reading; their books will be changed during this session. Where possible children are also able to read individually to an adult to support and embed learning and development. Outside school it will help greatly if each child could read every night (for 5-10 minutes) and have a comment written in their reading diary. Also please can your child bring their reading books and diary every day and place them in the reading baskets in the classroom.

Maths is taught through a variety of practical and activities and the children are taught how to record their ideas and methods using different techniques. The are encouraged to explain their thoughts and develop their reasoning behind their answers or solutions  to help develop skills using different mathematical strategies they have been taught in class.

We are timetabled to have PE every Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon but please have both your indoor and outdoor PE kit in school every day as plans may change!  

Mrs Cranshaw and Mrs Wilson

Additional resources that may be helpful:
1. Phonics games

2. Mental maths games

 3. Year 1 Spellings and spelling patterns

Our curriculum for Year 1 in 2014/15 can be found here...
Mrs Cranshaw

Mrs Wilson

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