At Lindow we realise the key part that grandparents play in bringing up their grandchildren. Many are involved daily in bringing and collecting children and in helping with their work yet have little opportunity to come into school.

So in 2010, we opened our doors on a cold February afternoon to our children’s grandparents, inviting them to look around the school. Guided by pupils from Year 6, more than 80 grandparents were able to watch lessons and then take part in our weekly assembly that recognises the children’s good work.

Grandparents were delighted to be able to see first hand the work in school. They hear so much about what goes on so welcomed the opportunity to experience lessons and see how education has progressed since they were at school!

With tea and cakes provided by the PTA a most enjoyable afternoon was enjoyed by children, teacher and visitors; the response was overwhelming so we turned the occasion into an annual event.

This innovative approach was written up in the national magazine Choice and we made it to the Wilmslow town's web site.

Such was the success, we have turned this into an annual event. We were delighted to welcome so many grandparents and show them how their grandchildren love school! Pictures from the events can be seen below.