LRE was organized in 1985 to provide a continuing connection for all retired Lindbergh employees. Our organization is open to anyone who has worked in any way with or on behalf of students in the Lindbergh School District. LRE serves our members in the following ways:

                                                                LRE Advisory Committee - 2023 - 2024

Co-Chair– Robbie Engel

Co-Chair - Peggy Robb                       

Recording Secretary –Gretchen Moser

Finance- Teri Jacob

Event Registrar - Kim Scronce

LRE Express- Kim Scronce 

Database – Carolyne Candrl  

Book Club – Pat Watt & Vicky Stanford                                 

Newsletter – Mary Meyer & Marietta Schwalbe                                                         

Membership  - Valerie Creech &  Carol Stulce

Social Chairs – Dee Callanan & Sara Fabick

Service Projects – Mary Meyer                                                          

Excursions & Tours – Nancy Benson                         

Scholarships – Vic Lenz                                                                   

Insurance – Vicki Stoll                                                       

Website – Vicky Stanford

LSF Director - Erica Keating