Greetings from Linda's class

            Welcome to my electronic portfolio! My name is Linda and I love to teach ESL.  As an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara I studied history and Spanish literature.  My enthusiasm for learning about all things related to history led me on a path to teaching.  The next logical step was for me to become a history teacher.  As I pursued my social science credential at the California State University, Sacramento, I realized that there was a high need for ESL instruction. 
            Working with diverse students in a United States history class that was specially designed academic instruction in English class (SDAIE)  meant that I needed to have a better foundation in second language acquisition and learning so that I could effectively serve my students.  Thus, I decided to persue a master's degree in TESOL at Teachers College, Columbia University.  I have had the privilege to work with students from all over the world at TC.  I invite you to explore my e-folio where you will find lesson plans, syllabi, and other materials I have developed while teaching ESL.  Thank you for visiting!
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