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Title of Site: Teaching Nanotechnology in the High School Curriculum: A Teacher’s Guide

Summary : This is a handbook to help guide high school teachers with integrating nanotechnology in our classrooms.  There is a section where it gives many ideas for Chemistry (and Physics) teachers and shares various lab activities that seem useful.  On Page 25, it explains what happens when titanium reacts with each of the following: air, water, and halogens.  It discusses how the process of making nanoparticles of titanium dioxide is complicated, but understanding the general process is an important lesson.  It also highlights that by making nanoparticles, you are increasing the surface area, and thus have a FASTER reactions rate.


Title of Site: NBTC – Nanobiotechnology Center: Immunity and You Curriculum

Summary : This website is great for the immunity unit in AP Biology.  It provides powerpoints that deal with general immunity, immune response, and vaccines.  In addition, they give question and answer sets, suggested slides to use, and labs.  One of the labs is called “What’s Up (with Jane) Doc?” In this lab, the students will play doctor and diagnose the condition of the patient.  They will learn how the immune system works and perform two immunological tests that a real doctor might order in order to make the diagnosis.  It provides the “normal” range of white blood cell counts and hemoglobin levels, what a normal chest x-ray would show and also a pulmonary function tests.  It highlights how the immune system works on the nanoscale.

Title of Site: Discovery Education – The Virtual Electron Microscope

Summary : This website provides a lesson plan for a virtual electron microscope.  It allows the students to put various samples under the virtual electron microscope and then they have to classify what the sample is.  It shows them whether they are right or wrong.  The site also provides a lesson plan for the teacher and suggestions for evaluations.

Title of Site: Virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy

Summary : This site allows you to drag different samples into the “microscope chamber” and then vary the magnification.  You can select which sample you want to look at, what magnification you have, the focus, contrast, and brightness.  This is great to look at objects on the nanoscale utilizing the electron microscope since they aren’t available for student use.


Title of Site: Understanding Nano – Nanotechnology Lesson Plan

Summary: This is an excellent page that provides with a lesson plan to introduce nanotechnology to the students.  Kids often times have trouble understanding the scale of nano, and this lesson helps them understand the concept.  It provides reading material, and then also suggests the possible future of nanotechnology and their uses.  It encourages the students to think about and discuss the possibilities for the future (molecular replicator), and what the effects on the world will be.