The Truth Will Set You Free - "Beyond Domestic Violence" - With Special Guest - Yoga Teacher, Author, Wellness Expert, etc..., Saeeda Hafiz Your Host: Linda D. Wattley “In our family’s case, factors such as oppression, systematic racism, insecurity, jealousy and intergenerational pain (just to name a few) led my father to behave the way he did.” ... Saeeda Hafiz When we think about domestic violence, we usually think about daddy beating up mommy. My guest Saeeda Hafiz is a little girl who grew up one day and left the environment of domestic violence only to learn that the experience came with her leaving her wondering how do you slew this medieval dragon? She is a yoga teacher, author, and wellness expert with certifications from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, the Natural Gourmet Institute. She is also graduate of Temple University.domestic violence.

The Truth Will set you Free – “You are More than Your Past” – With Guest Author – Mark Stephen Pooler Hosted by Linda Wattley Mark Stephen Pooler is a person who has truly learned there is more to life than having a traumatic past. Currently he is a Public Speaker, Professional Hairstylist and a published author with a positive message to the world. “You are more than your past”. He survived being bullied early in life when children should be free to learn and enjoy life, survived the battle of drug addictions and even defied death at the age of 21. He even survived revealing to his family he was gay. Though his life was on roller coaster ride, he finally hit rock bottom. He credits his mind power to be the catalyst of his comeback. Mark is the first to admit there is not anything easy about rising up after hitting rock bottom but you can do it as long as there is breath in your body. Now that he knows what it takes to take control of your life, he works tirelessly to help others to overcome adversity and bring out the brilliance that shines in each and every one of us by passionately sharing his story and offering tools of survival.

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE - "PICK UP YOUR BED AND WALK" - With Guest - Speaker & Author - Rita Rocker specializes in PTSD

Premiering THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE with Guest ROBINLYNNE MABIN ... "PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is no Joke but You Can Win!" By Show Host Linda Wattley Robinlynne Mabin is an amazing woman who is a veteran of the United States Air-Force where her specialty was Communications. It would be only normal for her to choose Communications because as a little girl, she found delight in music and communicating with the public as she learned the ropes from her father who owned his own record store. Upon completing her term in the military Robinlynne Mabin found herself in a distraught state of mind. She was experiencing feelings and thoughts that had no logic to her, she just knew something was wrong with her. Finally, after several years of struggling to fit into society she found herself homeless and alone and eventually ended up on drugs. She had literally hit rock bottom before a car accident landed her into the hospital. This was a blessing in disguise. She cried out to God in a way she had never done her entire life. God reached out to her and began to give her guidance that even surprised her. Robinlynne was called to preach. She became a minister, a very unique and free-spirited minister determined to help others. Not only did the car accident reveal her main purpose in life, it also revealed her deep dark secret she hid from the world: she was raped during her time in the military which caused her to fall prey to PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Now understanding why she suffered so endlessly over many years of her life, she could now get help and help herself cope with this new found diagnosis. This did not cripple her in fact it made stronger and determined to help others, especially veterans suffering with mental illnesses.

The Truth Will Set You Free – “Find Serenity No Matter How Busy You May Be” – With Guest – Author, Kate No one wants to bury their child ever! Life is just not supposed to turn out that way. My guest, Kate Genovese felt the impact of such an undesired experience as her son’s life ended from a heroine drug overdose. Before that painful moment, people use to always say, ‘Wow, he’s really gonna go somewhere.’

"From PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome) to Inevitable You" – With Special Guest, Author William Sumnerf anyone understands PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he does completely. Sumner offers us a unique and powerful perspective about this experience. Medication and constant recall of the trauma is not the only way to cope with PTSD. The tools and wisdom he shares takes us beyond coping to growing through the labeled diagnosis. Become a member of his team and learn an amazing way to move through PTSD with PTSG Success. The journey begins with one click. Enjoy!