Hello! I am a anxious to share with the world my take on PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. My book, 'PTSD to Freedom: No More War Within', promises to be more than a book. It will prove to be a tool to face the mysteries within. Living in a world taking mankind away from its true nature of whom God created us to be have serious repercussions.

PTSD is such an extremely personal experience yet it effects the world in a very impersonal way. Through the hidden agendas of selfish and greedy people, innocent people are victimized daily through the hands of human choices. Our soldiers should not return home after war to live a private life of victims to society. And, our children should not have to grow up stressed out and traumatized by adult choices that leave them not- diagnosed- victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We can come up with all the modern sayings forever and think the old sayings are irrelevant. For instance, "What the world needs now is love." Yeah right! Just like everybody needs Jesus...... At the end of the day, these old sayings stand true for the absence of this reality is why mankind is being killed by mankind. I still have hope for us. My message promises to leave seeds of hope and love. From my heart to your heart I present a truth that will set you free from a world that thrives on murder of the heart.