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    Hello and welcome to my website!
    My name is Linda Honaker and I am a senior studying Biochemistry at San Diego State University (SDSU). Since May 2012, I have been a fellow in the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) program, funded by the National Institute of Health/National Institute of General Medicinal Sciences.
    Through a variety of research experiences, I have become fascinated with the challenges and biomedical applications of biological chemistry. My initial exposure to research came in 2010, when I joined the bioinorganic laboratory of Dr. Laurance Beauvais and synthesized microporous solids for use as catalysts and to mimic the active sites of enzymes. I then explored the use of laser wave-mixing for the sensitive detection of biomarker proteins research in Dr. William Tong’s analytical laser spectroscopy laboratory. As part of the Summer Research Opportunities at Harvard Program, I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Rachelle Gaudet, which seeks to determine the structural biology of signaling and transport through biological membranes. Currently  I am conducting my senior research project in the structural biochemistry laboratory of Dr. Tom Huxford at SDSU, which studies how the structures of signaling proteins relates to their mechanisms of function.
    I am now committed to pursuing a doctoral degree and becoming a scientific researcher that actively contributes to our increasing knowledge of life at the molecular level. This fall I will apply to doctoral programs in biochemistry and molecular biology for fall 2014 entry. Throughout this site you can find details about my accomplishments and research experiences.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


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