The Lincoln Youth Symphony provides
motivated high-school-level musicians
with advanced symphonic experiences. 

We need fantastic string players, the very best soloists, and independent woodwind, brass, and percussion players since each plays an independent part, and the first part in each section is often a solo.

Lincoln Youth Symphony is a great place for committed musicians to grow as they reach for their potential!

All returning musicians must audition.  We re-audition each position in the orchestra every year.

Musicians have generally been playing their instruments for at least three years, and most have private lessons, but private instruction is not required. 

Audition dates for the current season are available on the calendar.

Auditions will be held on an ongoing basis for vacant positions by appointment on Saturday mornings at ACYI, 830 S Law Dr, Brigham City at 8:00 am.  See The Weekly Rehearsal Report for information on current openings.

Please come prepared to do the following:

All musicians: 
  • 16-20 measures of a prepared solo. 
  • Sight Reading from current youth symphony music.
  • Strings: A three-octave major scale and a two-octave melodic minor scale.
  • Woodwinds: A 2- to 3-octave or full-range chromatic scale, and a 2- to 3-octave major or minor scale. 
  • Brass:  Two 1- to 2-octave major or minor scales.
  • Percussion: Snare rudiments, a major & minor 1-octave scale on bells.
We are willing to work with winds, brass & percussion who have marching band competitions, and we keep a list of back-ups for solo seats.