Though some twenty-three cemeteries are listed here, only a handful are still in use: French, Hills, Center Lincolnville Burial Ground, Maplewood, Union, Hillside, and Youngtown. We are making an effort to keep these listings up-to-date as current burials occur. The rest are either abandoned, single gravesites or private, family plots. Each active cemetery is maintained by its own association; none are town-owned. Thanks to the efforts of the town's Cemetery Trustees, and particularly Cecil, Chris and Craig Dennison, most of Lincolnville's once abandoned graveyards have been cleaned of brush and weeds, their stones repaired, set upright, and cleaned. 

Accurate cemetery lists are difficult to create. Often written records don't exist, or they're incomplete. Most of the lists are painstakingly compiled by going stone to stone and copying off the information found there. The original cemetery lists on this site were created by Isabel Morse Maresh, partly by using the information Leslie "Cappy" Hall provided in Lincolnville, As We Remember. Building on this effort, in 2001 Doug Warren began adding burials from 1977 to 2008 and by adding Lincolnville cemeteries and family plots not included in the original effort. The pages listed include a few cemeteries in neighboring towns that have Lincolnville people buried in them.

Each page will contain a photo, map, and list of burials, where available. The list can be searched by using the Find command in your web browser (usually under the Edit menu), or you can open the list in Google Docs to print a copy. If you're not sure which cemetery to search, you can first search the master list here. The Schoolhouse Museum also has printouts of the lists.

Possibly as many as half a dozen Lincolnville cemeteries are still to be located; these could be so completely overgrown as to be unrecognizable, places the Cemetery Trustees have heard rumor of from hunters and others who venture into the wild places in town. Anyone with questions, comments, corrections, or photos of individual headstones can share these with us here.

Master List

We have appended all of the cemetery listings into this single searchable document.

Alexander Cemetery (on private property)

Alexander Cemetery is a small cemetery off of Route 1 in Northport on the former MBNA/Bank of America (Point Lookout) property, contiguous to the Trundy property. The cemetery is enclosed in a fenced in area. The recording and transcribing was done by Doug Warren and Linda Warren and last updated in 2008.

Center Lincolnville Burial Ground (formerly Lower Cemetery)

Center Lincolnville Burying Ground was established c. 1811. It is on Heal Road in Lincolnville Center about 1/4 mile from Route 52. Elizabeth M. Mosher copied the inscriptions in the Lower Cemetery in the 1980's, making an index. The current recording and transcribing was done by the combined efforts of Jeannette and Dawson Wootton, Margaretta Thurlow, and Bessie Dean and last updated in 2008.

Cross Cemetery

Cross Cemetery is one of three Lincolnville cemeteries located on High Street. The listing provided here is taken from Lincolnville, As We Remember - Vol.II.

Delano Cemetery (on private property)

This cemetery is named for its sole gravestone. It is a sizeable plot not far from the Lincolnville shore of Pitcher Pond and is surrounded by a well-made stone wall. It appears that William Delano's grave is the only one in it.

Farrar Cemetery (on private property)

Farrar Cemetery is a family plot with a few stones on a bank on the right coming from Route 52 on Greenacre Road. This list was made in 2005.

Drinkwater - Field Cemetery

Field Cemetery is on North Cobbtown Road. In the DAR records at the Maine State Library a Field Cemetery copied in 1974 by Joan Pratt of Searsport, Maine, is recorded on the Cobb Town Road, 2 1/2 miles from Belfast Road (Route 52). One footstone can be seen from the road, of Joseph Field, died 12 Oct. 1885 at 50 yrs. 4 mo. There are many field stones in Field Cemetery.

Fletcher Cemetery

Fletcher Cemetery (also known as Lassel) is one of three Lincolnville cemeteries located on High Street. The recording and transcribing was done by Catherine Courand in 1997 as part of a research project for a University of Maine course.

French Cemetery

French Cemetery (also called Beach Cemetery) is on Atlantic Highway (Route 1), to the right of the Ferry Terminal at Lincolnville Beach. Eleanora French, the  young girl who fell from Maiden's Cliff in 1863 is buried there. The recording and transcribing was done by the combined efforts of John Frye, Heather Bilodeau, Elizabeth Moran, and Melissa Woodhead and last updated in 2008.

Griffin Cemetery

Griffin Cemetery is a family cemetery on Atlantic Highway (Route 1), going South from Lincolnville Beach just across the town line in Camden. To find it going south from Lincolnville Beach, on the right, pass the Red Barn, and between the brook and the Camden town line sign there is a small dirt road. There is room to pull off the road, but you cannot drive up - it is blocked by rocks. The cemetery is just a short way up, on the right. The recording and transcribing was done by Doug Warren and Linda Warren in 2004. The stones were recorded going from right to left while facing the stones and looking downhill towards Route 1.

Heal Family Plot (on private property)

Heal Family Plot is on Hope Road. The cemetery has many field stones but only one named stone. The list was created in 2006.

Hillside Cemetery (formerly Upper Cemetery)

Hillside Cemetery was established c. 1900. It is about a quarter mile beyond the Lower Cemetery on Heal Road. The recording and transcribing was done by the combined efforts of Jeannette Wootton, Margaretta Thurlow, Bessie Dean, Tracy Colby, and Doug Warren and was last updated in 2008.

Hills Cemetery

Hills Cemetery is on Vancycle Road off Belfast Road (Route 52). It is about four miles from Lincolnville Center, going North. Turn left at Grange Corner, up a hill on the left. The recording and transcribing for the list was done by Doug Warren in 2008.The Section column indicates the area of the cemetery that the stone is located in: 1 is the lower part of the cemetery (closest to Route 52) below the first gate, 2 is between the first and second gates, 3 is above the second gate.

Kendall Cemetery (on private property)

Kendall Cemetery is on North Cobbtown Road. 

Maplewood Cemetery

Maplewood Cemetery is located on Ducktrap Road in Lincolnville Beach. Going North on Atlantic Highway (Route 1) from the Beach, take the first left (past Bayshore Church). The recording and transcribing was done by Heather Bilodeau. The information was verified by Charlie Heald in 2008.

Mary E. Sylvester grave

In the woods, leaning against an oak tree just off the Old Whitney Road in Lincolnville, is a gravestone. It is difficult to read but if you get just the right angle in just the right light you can make out the inscription... read on for more.

Metcalf Cemetery (on private property)

Metcalf Cemetery is on Beach Road. It is a family plot on the Oxton homestead on Route 173 south, coming up from Route 1 toward Lincolnville Center where a Metcalf family is buried. The list was transcribed in 2005.

Montville Monument(on private property)

Beside the road, half a mile up the Wentworth Road, standing at a slight 
angle, is a 6 foot monument with five names.

Norton Cemetery  

Norton Cemetery is on Belfast Road (Route 52). Going north from Lincolnville Center, shortly after the Joy Road, on the right, marked with a small sign saying "First Cemetery in Lincolnville" with a path behind it. There are no engraved tombstones in this cemetery, but only field stones indicating the head and foot of each grave. There's no better place in Lincolnville to experience the age of the town, and to get a sense of how hard and basic life was for those 18th century folks who'd come here. The site of Nathan and Lydia Knight's log cabin, the home of the town's first permanent settlers, is nearby. 

Pitcher Cemetery

Pitcher Cemetery is on the first road on the right going north on Belfast Road (Route 52) after crossing the town line in Northport. The recording and transcribing was done by Doug Warren and Linda Warren in 2005.

Rego Family Plot (on private property)

Rego Family Plot is on Belfast Road (Route 52). This is on private property. The list was transcribed in 2003.

Sturgis Mahoney Cemetery

The Sturgis Mahoney Cemetery is a small private cemetery, located immediately behind Hillside (Upper) Cemetery on Heal Road. The lettered lots in the listing for this cemetery are located behind Hillside Cemetery, and the numbered lots are beside Hillside Cemetery lot #1.

Sylvester Cemetery

Sylvester Cemetery was established c. 1824. It is a family cemetery located on Atlantic Highway (Route 1) just a little north of Ducktrap Bridge in Lincolnville and is visible from the road. This cemetery was restored by the Lincolnville Town Cemetery Trustees in 2004. The recording and transcribing for the listing was done by Doug Warren and Linda Warren in 2004. Some information is missing or not readable. The sequence numbers were assigned by starting in the Southwest corner (closest to Route 1) and going from left to right in each row.

Thomas Cemetery (on private property)

Thomas Cemetery, a small family cemetery, is one of three cemeteries located on High Street. Take a left at the beginning of Levenseller Pond, coming from Lincolnville Center on Route 173. It is about one-eighth mile on the left, across the first field. Isabel Morse Maresh has taken photos of the stones in this little cemetery. The listing here is taken from her 1977 book, Lincolnville, As We Remember - Vol.II, with two burials subsequent to that added in 2003.

Ulmer Cemetery (on private property)

Ulmer Cemetery (also called Carver, Osgood Point, or Ducktrap Harbor Cemetery) is near Atlantic Highway (Route 1) on a point of land seen from Ducktrap Bridge.  In 1859 some of the graves were relocated to start Maplewood Cemetery. The recording and transcribing was done by Doug Warren. The information was verified by Justin Ford and last updated in 2006.

Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery (also called Millertown) is located on Belfast Road (Route 52), on the right, going North from Lincolnville Center, just before Slab City Road. Isabel Morse Maresh has taken photos of the stones in this cemetery. She has five generations of ancestors buried there. The list was updated in 2008. Some of the lots are numbered from A to Z.

Youngtown Cemetery

Youngtown Cemetery is on Camden Road (Route 52) going south from the Center, with one house between it and the Youngtown Inn. There are two posts by the road at the cemetery drive. The recording and transcribing was done by Doug Warren and verified by Todd McIntosh in 2008.

Out of Town Burials

This list was created in 2008.

Unknowns Burials

This list was created in 2008.