The Lincolnville School House Museum sits on a hill overlooking Ducktrap Harbor and West Penobscot Bay, an area rich in Native American archaeology. Archaeology is an important part of maintaining a connection with our past, and the School House Museum is doing its part to ensure that connection survives.

Through an ongoing effort by Harbour Mitchell, III, a local archaeologist, the School House Museum maintains a diverse collection of Native American artifacts recovered by local residents along Ducktrap Harbor and elsewhere within the region. It also serves as the repository for numerous archaeological collections of Native American pottery, rare and unusual stone tools, and other materials Mr. Mitchell has recovered in his professional efforts in the field. The Museum’s collections represent the period from European settlement of the bay to at least 5000 years ago.

As part of their commitment to educate the public to Lincolnville’s rich Native American history, Mr. Mitchell and the School House Museum exhibit numerous pieces drawn from the museum’s collections. Not limited to sitting under glass, these collections are also utilized in classroom instruction whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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