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Apply for a $500 Scholarship to attend IMA's Annual Student Leadership Conference

Student members will enjoy three days of learning, networking, and FUN at IMA's Student Leadership Conference (SLC) in Houston from November 9 -11, 2017. Let the IMA help you imagine new directions for your career path by connecting with industry leaders in a friendly, dynamic environment.

The Lincoln Trail Regional Council of the IMA is awarding a $500 scholarship to an IMA student member demonstrating leadership within student chapters sponsored by chapters within the council. The application will be available soon. Last year's application is available by clicking the link below.

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2016 SLC Recap

Look at what 2015 SLC scholarship recipients had to say!

Marianne Jimenez, Middle Tennessee State University

I attended SLC 2014 in Indianapolis last year, and I felt like a new person afterwards.  Between the networking opportunities and the motivation I received to push forward in school, I couldn't be happier that I attended.  That being said, there was no way I was going to miss SLC 2015 in Orlando!  This is my last semester in school.  Between worrying about finding a position after graduation, studying, working and thinking about the overwhelming task of going after my CPA and CMA, I was mentally and physically exhausted.  Just as I had hoped, the SLC got my mind straight again.  I feel more pumped up to graduate and go forward with my certifications, and for the first time I really feel like I can do that.

There [were] two sessions from SLC that had an impact on me.  The first was "Walking the Tightrope: Finding the Work/Life Balance" with Angela Shenton.  Angela was very straightforward and had some great advice about priorities and boundaries that I will definitely be putting in to practice at my new job.  The other session that really had a lot of meaning for me was "Why Financial Planning and Analysis is the Right Hand of the CEO" featuring Adrien Dubourg.  He really gave me back my confidence that I can get my CMA and my CPA and still hold down a job . . .  It is very easy to become overwhelmed, but I now know that I can, and I will.

As with the SLC 2014, my favorite part of SLC 2015 was the networking with students not only from my school, but from other parts of the country.  I have become very aware over the past year or so of the importance of networking.  I have had opportunities presented to me solely because I was introduced to somebody by a professor or employer.  Having a wide circle of friends and colleagues is essential to a successful career.  This conference is a great way to get to know people!

Rebecca Zimberg, Western Kentucky University

Orlando's IMA Student Leadership Conference was the first SLC that I had attended and because of the positive impact it left on me, it will definitely not be my last.  Before arriving, I was unsure of what to expect but after seeing the massive body of college students, I realized that the students were not different from myself - we were all young business majors striving for high accomplishments and eager to learn the steps from successful leaders.  Both the speakers and atmosphere were energetic, while still professional.

My favorite speaker was Clark Jones who had a love for new opportunities and a passion for t-charts.  He framed his speech around maintaining passion for your job.  He placed emphasis on not getting bogged down by working hard, being open to feedback, and having self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.  Having a lack of passion or joy in my future job is something I greatly want to avoid, which is why Mr. Jones' speech impacted me.

I enjoyed how the SLC catered to students' preferences by offering different sessions to choose between.  Adrien Dubourg, one of the professional speakers said, "Network, network, network."  Each of the different sessions offered different advice but also took time to emphasize the importance of networking.  Not only did the conference teach me about how important networking was, but it allowed students to network with professionals and their fellow peers.  I had such a great time that I only wish the conference was longer!

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Our Council awarded two $500 Student Leadership Conference scholarships in 2015 to IMA student members demonstrating leadership within its chapters.
  • Rebecca Zimberg, Western Kentucky University
  • Marianne Jimenez, Middle Tennessee State University

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