Greetings friends and neighbors,

If you want to play tennis, did you know that Lincoln has its own tennis court that is free and open to everyone in the community? It’s just up Gove Hill Road from the ball field.

If your kids play soccer or baseball, the games are likely held right in the center of town at the ball/soccer field. You can also use the fields to have a pickup ultimate Frisbee game, a neighborhood baseball game or even a family bocce tournament. And when the sun gets a little hot, take a break in the shade of the pavilion.

Summer is over for this year but Lincoln Sports holds camp centered at the ball field every summer for children in elementary and middle school. Kids look forward to spending some much deserved play time with their friends and we even have some grandchildren and friends from around the country the join us occasionally.

Past the pavilion there is a half basketball court with a new backboard that is open to all community members. It’s a great spot to challenge your buddies to a game or just go and practice the perfect layup.

All of this is made possible by Lincoln Sports, a non-profit group that maintains and manages about 55 acres of property in the center of town and makes it available for the community to use. Although our board is all volunteer, we still have expenses to keep the property in good condition for everyone to use.

The needs remain the same: the tennis court surface is in need of repair, a new net is needed and repairs to the enclosure are often needed; the ball field needs mowing all summer, another set of bleachers would be ideal and fill is needed to flatten some spots that have eroded; the pavilion is in need of a new coat of stain and
the camp sees more and more of a need for scholarships each summer to make it available to all Lincoln residents. During this past year, your donations have gone into an account to maintain the property and build our account enough to be able to hopefully address some of the much-needed improvements in the coming year.

The board has maintained a $2,000 request from the town every year since at least 1999 other than the year we constructed the pavilion. If having this resource in town is important to you and your family, this is a great time to help. We appreciate donations of any amount. The more community involvement we can get, the more we can provide to the community.

In an attempt to move our old board into the 21st century, we’ve been encouraged to find a way to allow friends to donate on-line. To facilitate this, we have created a GoFundMe campaign. You can donate on-line at: https://www.gofundme.com/kqez6d-lincoln-sports-annual-appeal.

Thank you in advance for your support,

The Lincoln Sports Board of Directors
Kevin Micklas, Christie Sumner, Sally Ober, Elise Brokaw, Jo Jackson, Mary Micklas and Sandy Lee

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