September 23th - New photos

posted Oct 8, 2018, 10:31 AM by David Hill   [ updated Oct 8, 2018, 10:44 AM ]
Race Results - Sunday was a great day to be at the lake...exciting racing, fabulous dinner, and an unforgettable moonlight sail.  See stories below and results attached. Thank you to everyone that made it possible...Dale Benham for the idea, Chefs Andrew Ozaki and John Buckley for the cheesesteaks, members of the Social Committee for various contributions, and to everyone that brought food to share, or took fellow members sailing. What a day!

From Debbie Lewis - Sunday was a gorgeous, but windy day.  Sailors had a challenge but stepped up to the mark!   Six Snipes, a Sunfish, and two big boats participated in Sunday's races.  Open class and Snipes competed in separate races. The first race started off smoothly but a capsize at the jibe mark indicated the winds of 10 to 15 miles per hour with gusts of 25 miles per hour could surprise a sailor.  The first race finishes for the Snipe class were very close for first and second places, with the Buckleys first followed by the Thomases in second, Zack Barnhill and crew Alair Vega (UNL Sailing Team members) in third, Benham and crew Ozaki in fourth place, and Matan Gill and McKynze Works in fifth place. Randy Nelsen and crew fought to keep their boat upright and opted to not finish the race.  In the open class, Greg Zimmer and Rhonda Lieske nudged out the Alberts' team in a close finish.  David Hill, our sole Sunfish sailor, always a bright spot in the sailing backdrop, started with the Snipe Class and finished last.

The second race started with the Open Class off and running. The Snipe class, consisting of five boats and our intrepid Sunfish, started shortly thereafter with a capsize for Matan and McKynze at the starting line and an awesomely performed start and re-start by the Barnhill team. Both boats recovered quickly and, with the advantageous winds, made up for lost time.  Sailors competed for position at each of the marks for the first course of the 1-2-3 triangle race.  The Buckleys and the Thomases generally were within a boat length of one another most of the race with the Buckleys overtaking the Thomases on a downwind leg.  The Thomas team overtook the Buckleys at the windward mark on the second leg of the course increasing their lead by three boat lengths.  Benham and Ozaki decreased the distance between their boat and the leading boats with the Barnhill team continuing to make up territory.  Matan and McKynze capsized at the jibe mark but quickly righted the boat and continued on.  Matan and McKynze capsized again at the leeward mark but, as before, quickly righted themselves and headed for the finish line.  The final race saw another close finish with the Buckleys first, the Thomases in close second, followed by Benham/Ozaki, with Barnhill/Vega, despite the double start, finishing a respectable fourth place.  David Hill, our Sunfish star, starting with the Snipe Class, but competing in Open Class, crossed the finish line after the Barnhill team.  Matan and McKynze prevailed over mishaps and capsizes and crossed the finish line last - triumphantly!  

A good and challenging sailing workout for our Open Class and Snipe sailors for Sunday's two races.  The day was followed up by a late afternoon cookout of delicious cheesesteak sandwiches with accompaniments and an evening of sailing.  

From Andrew Ozaki -  Great party at the lake! That was a day and night to remember!  40 photos shared with you from the Flickr app! Check them out: