August 26, 2019

posted Sep 2, 2019, 7:37 PM by David Hill
By Mary Buckley

It's over - Women's Snipe National Championships - was a huge success!  Our out of town guests we're so appreciative of everything club members and friends did to make it such a success.  I heard so many comments throughout the weekend of what a great event it was.  Even the wind and weather gods seemed sort of willing to cooperate.  While the wind velocity proved pretty challenging, and we could have done without the rain, at least it kept the motor boats away, and sure beat 95 degrees and no wind!

We also got some great publicity!  Andrew shared these links earlier, but here they are again in case you missed them.

I expect to have a link to many photos and some drone video to share a little later. 

Attached are the complete results...and I expect to have a regatta report to go with them a little later as well.  

But mostly, I want to take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE who contributed in so many ways. A lot of work goes on, much of it behind the scenes, to  make an event like this happen. the risk of leaving someone goes:

Planning Committee: Will & Heather Thomas, John & Mary Buckley, Andrew & Margaret Ozaki, & Jen Lee

Grounds - mowing and cleanup - Rich Reichenbach, Jim Budde, Greg Zimmer

Clubhouse & Outhouse cleaning - Rich & Donna Reichenbach, Faye Sabata

Housing - Heather Thomas (coordinator), John & Cinda Curry, Maryann Brock, Matan Gill & McKynze Works, Brendan Feeney

Loaner Boats - Pat Keane, Chuck Lewis, Andrew Ozaki, Will Thomas, John Buckley, James Rix (Wichita KS), Phil Lee (Omaha NE)

Boat Repair & Readiness -  John Buckley

Boat Buddies - Chuck Lewis (coordinator), John Buckley, Zack Barnhill, Matan Gill, Dennis Miller, Andrew Ozaki, Robert Richardson, Brook Seacrest, Will Thomas, Greg Zimmer, and UNL Sailing Team Members Dominic Naughtin, Connor Kaeding

Food & Beverage - Andrew Ozaki (coordinator), Margaret Ozaki & Faye Sabata (on site hosts), John Buckley, Greg Zimmer, Jan Wahl, Will & Heather Thomas, Jen Lee, & Marshall Ozaki

Post Event Clubhouse Cleanup and Food/Beverage Storage - Andrew & Margaret Ozaki, Faye Sabata, Jen Lee, Dale Benham, Vicki Albert & Denny Buffum 

Press Release - Hanna Reynolds, Margaret Ozaki, Andrew Ozaki

Regatta logo/invitations/online registration - Matan Gill, Zack Barnhill

Regatta shirts and visors - Laurie Russell & Jen Lee

Registration/Check-in - Rhonda Lieske

Photographer - Nancy Taylor of NRTainment Images

Photo Boat - Dale Benham

Drone Photography - Brook Seacrest

Videography - Andrew Ozaki

Spectator Boats - Dennis Miller (coordinator), Rich Reichenbach, Robert Richardson, Matan Gill 

Race Committee - Will Thomas, John Buckley, Luke Keester, Greg Zimmer

Assist Boat - Jim Budde, Walt Hancock, Brook Seacrest, John Layman, Martin Bebb (Muskogee OK)

Cash Sponsors - Valentino's, Commonwealth Electric (Matt Briggs), Zimmer Insurance Agency (Greg & Rhonda Zimmer), Will & Heather Thomas, John & Mary Buckley

In-Kind Sponsors - Bob Stephens & Associates, Saro Cider, Robinette Farms, Goldenrod Pastries, Annapolis Performance Sailing, Silver & Pewter Gifts, NRTainment Images by Nancy Taylor

Regatta report to SCIRA - Will Thomas

Trophies - Will Thomas

Sponsor recognition - Jen Lee

Honorary Co-Chair recognition - Mary Buckley

Please accept my apologies if I've forgotten anyone.
David Hill,
Sep 2, 2019, 7:37 PM