August 22, 2019

posted Sep 2, 2019, 7:32 PM by David Hill
By Mary Buckley

It's here - Women's Snipe National Championships - is this weekend!  Our out of town guests have already started to arrive.  It is a real honor for Lincoln Sailing Club and Lincoln Snipe Fleet #567 to be hosting.   I am so appreciative of everything everybody has done, and will do over the weekend to make this happen!  The clubsite, grounds, outhouse and clubhouse look great!  I can't begin to list all the things people have done.   Something like this is only possible when many many people are willing to give of their time and talents to make it happen.  Thank you one and all! 

I hope each of you will find the time to come out and watch a little of the event and spend some time socializing with the participants.  We have participants from Atlanta, St. Louis, Houston, Colorado and Omaha, in addition to our own Fleet members and several sailors from the UNL Sailing Team.   At Saturday night's dinner, we will be honoring two women from our District that have contributed much to Snipe sailing over the last 50 years or so, Sigrid Festersen of Omaha and Mary Ann Rix from Wichita KS.  It will be a special evening with lots of great food and beverage.  

It's not too late to join us...we only ask that you contribute a little to the cost of the food and drink...just $25 covers you for as many meals/socializing as you have time for during the weekend.  You can pay at the door, or register in advance at this link:
Here is the schedule:.

Friday August 23, 2019          10:00 AM           Gates Open at LSC for competitors
                                                3:00 PM           Practice Races and Starts
                                6:00 PM           Welcome Party, Dinner & Social
Saturday August 24, 2019      8:00 AM          Breakfast 
                                                9:00 AM          Competitors Meeting
                                                10:00 AM        First Race (up to 2 races back to back)
                                                12:00 Noon     Lunch
                                                1:00 PM           Races Continue (up to 3 races back to back)
                                 6:00 PM           Post Race Social
                                 7:00 PM           Dinner 
Sunday August 25, 2019        8:00 AM          Breakfast 
                                                8:30 AM          Competitors Meeting
                                                09:30 AM        Race Continue (up to 3 races back to back)
                               12:00 Noon     No races will start after this time 
                                12:30 PM         Lunch - beverages and light fare
                               1:00 PM           Awards Presentation

It's an exciting time to be a part of Lincoln Sailing Club!   Think sailing!