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The Lincoln Park Golf Club has been an established club for more than 100 Years with memberships open year-round to the general public. 


This website is dedicated to Lincoln Park's members and acts a resource for tournament

information, directions, a history of the course, and an online version of the now defunct

Putter Patter newsletter (PP:RIP). Check out Regatta in the right panel for a current

update of the club's year-long race to finish in the Top 12 of Regatta Points. 

2015 LPGC Officers

President: Ken Harrington

Treasurer: Michael Han

Executive Secretary: Dan De Vries


Check out the NCGA magazine article about Muni (and other 

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                        * * * * 

                  Results of Recent Events

Turkey Shoot Saturday Nov 14th

1. Haskins/Han/Harrington  60

2.  Murray/Thompson/DeSilva 60

3.  Yeh/Lambert/Cussen    65


4. Park/Mallon/McMillan  65

5.  Vettese/Roddan/Carwin 67

6.  Kane/Walczak/Maisano 67

A duel in the sun?  Murray/Thompson/DeSilva

had 30-30, whereas the 3 H's had 31-29.   Both 

teams eagled the 13th, and Mr Thompson chipped

in for a needed 2 at the difficult 17th (and nearly

holed several other pitches).   Ed Murray hit

numerous straight/long tee balls 

and made some key putts while the steady Naoto 

DeSilva carried professional grade play 

throughout.  Well done guys!   Mike, Sam , and 

myself had fabulous team energy; Mike made

several key putts throughout the day.  Sam made 

a 30ft bomb at the 6th, and knocked a fairway

wood to 6ft for eagle at the 13th from 173yds.

What a pleasure to play with both these fine 


Boundary Oaks, Nov 7th (2016 Zone Qualifier).  

1. Harrington 73

2. Park 74

3. Walker 74

4. Jackson 76


5.  Carwin 76  [1st alternate]

6.  Calkins 80 [2nd alternate]

7. DeSilva 80 [3rd alternate]

8. Vitone 80 [4th alternate]

9. Lambert 82 [5th alternate]

10. Cussen 82 [6th alternate]

The greens were running 11 or 12 on the 

stimpmeter, and the hole locations were extremely

difficult.  All contestants had similar stories of

putting off greens, etc.  It was one of the most 

challenging courses we've seen in many years.

Special congrats go out to the 5 men who shot 

net-76 or better, Harrington,Park,Walker,

Jackson, and Carwin.  Good shooting guys!


Bennett Valley, October 10, 2015

Drew Walker wins his first LPGC event, having proved a 

formidable presence in other instances:

1st: Drew Walker 69 (82-13)

2nd: Stan Miller 70 (87-17)

3rd: Ken Harrington 71 (75-4)

4th: Frank Kenny 72 (94-22)

5th: Charlie Thompson 73 (88-15)


                       * * * * 

Directors Cup, September 12-13, 19-20, 2015

Ken Harrington lapped the field in this year’s 72 hole LPGC 

Directors, but places 3 through 7 were tightly bunched throughout.  

Even second to last was hotly contested with pride. 

From an original group of 16 players, the 10 below made it all the 

way through.  All scores are net.   

1. Ken Harrington: 66,65,63,67 = 261

2. Drew Walker: 70,63,67,73  =  273

3. Naoto De Silva: 68,74,72,63 = 277

4. Sam Haskins: 68,73,67,70  = 278

5. Dan De Vries: 72,71,64,72 = 279

6. Frank Kenny: 70,64,75,71 = 280

7. Charlie Thompson: 71,71,73,67 = 282

8. Jeff Park: 70,72,68,73 = 283

9. Mike Yeh: 80,73,71,72 = 296

10. Iain Cussen: 78,75,71,73  = 297


                          * * * * 

Adobe Creek, September 5, 2015

And into the wilds of Petaluma rode the 16 Lincoln Rats.  Most 

were slaughtered mercilessly.  A few survived to tell a happier 

tale . . .

The results were:

1st: Richard Walczak 63 (79-16)

2nd: Kenneth Harrington 67 (71-4)

3rd: Franklin Kenny 67 (90-23)

4th: David Rea 69 (80-11)

5th: Stanley Miller 69 (86-17)


Also surviving but out of the Regatta Points


6th: Max-Andrew McMillan 69 (87-18)

7th: St. Stephen Kenny 69 (88-19)



                        * * * * 

And then there is this to consider . . .  Henry Ford on golf:

     Back in the United States, golf had grown in popularity in the years after World War I, and like many other corporate managers Ford Motor Company officials, including Reeves Blakely, who while in Belém negotiating the terms of the Tapajós concession could often be found shooting holes on a jungle range outside the city limits, had become avid players.  And the Dearborn Independent, reflecting Ford’s growing cultural conservatism, particularly his distrust of large, easily manipulated urban crowds, promoted golf as a substitute for baseball.  Ford’s paper criticized America’s pastime for concentrating “ten thousand people” in one place while giving them little to do other than sit in “cramped-up positions watching nine men handling a bat and a ball. . . . A large portion of our so-called sportsmen are mere shouters and noise makers, and have no more claim to be regarded as exponents of any particular game than the Roman mob which attended the gladiatorial contests in the arena.”  Golf, in contrast, got “people out of the crowded city to the pure air of the seaside or the country.”  It encouraged spectators to become participants themselves, not as part of a “team” but as individuals.  The paper urged municipalities throughout the country to build golf courses as a way of promoting civic virtue, since a “community playing golf in its leisure moments should have no time for less edifying pursuits.”  Golf develops “foresight and perseverance,” as the “golfer never looks backward; ‘Fore’ is his slogan, and his aim is to drive his ball clear of all traps and pitfalls.”  And so Ford workers on the Tapajós moved forward, laying out a nine-hole course adjacent to the American compound and the “nature park.”  Archie Weeks’s daughter, Leonor, dubbed the links the “Winding Brook Golf Course,” since it ran along an igarapé, or stream.

Greg Grandin, from Fordlandia, Metropolitan Books, pp. 281-3


                          * * * * 

Scheduled Events through the end of 2015

Event                                                    Date & Time              Fee                Entry Due By

Lincoln (Rodeick Cup)                       12/5 (Sat) 8:00             $35                  11/27/2015

Lincoln (Fin de Siècle)                        12/27 (Sun) 8:00         $35                  12/18/2015

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