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Speech & Drama 5 March 2020

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Class NoClassFirstSecondThird
Verse Speaking up to school year 3 Tom Clifton Zachary Stewardson Freddie Magee & William Winfield 
23A Light Verse up to school year 6 Cole Vernon Luca Gadsby Priyaa Gupta & Rehan Mughai 
21 Light Verse up to school year 4 Izzy Radcliffe Marisa Newlands & Callum Ford Samuel Nichols & James Willett 
Verse Speaking up to school year 6 Isobel Sparkes Joseph Camberry & Ryan O'Leary Gracie Dillon 
40 Bible Reading up to school year 6 Kamsy Uzokwe Izzy Radcliffe James Thomas 
43 Bible Reading up to school year 11 Kamsy Uzokwe Ella Viscomi Riana Joshy 
73 Themed Verse Speaking and Prose Reading Diana Reeves Tyrone Dalby  
70 Sight Reading Su Toogood Emily Sharman Tyrone Dalby 
75 Prepared Diary Reading Su Toogood   
77 Personal Project Speech Tyrone Dalby   
76 Prepared Prose Reading Su Toogood   
78 Composition of an Original Poem Tyrone Dalby   
69 Bible Reading Su Toogood   
65 Sonnet Naomi Phillips    
62 Shakespearian Selection (Individual) Evie Pearson Alice Wijayaratne  
66 Tennyson Naomi Phillips   
72 Dramatic Duologue Eleanor Stephens & Fleur Thomas   
71 Dramatic Selection (Individual) Evie Pearson Naomi Phillips  
Showing 18 items