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Music 19 March 2016

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Class NoClass Name1st2nd3rd
Class NoClass Name1st2nd3rd
200 Piano Solo up to School Year 5 Ana Benito de Valle from Lincoln Ginevra Tasselli from Lincoln Sarah Eke from Skellingthorpe 
201 Piano Solo up to School Year 7 Jennifer Mei from Lincoln Hannah Tan from Nottingham Megan Waite from Saxilby 
206 Bach Class up to School Year 6 Jennifer Mei from Lincoln Ana Benito de Valle from Lincoln Zach Thompson from Chesterfield 
210 Piano Repertoire up to School Year 6 Sophie Hewerdine from Lincoln Athena Eng from North Hykeham and Jennifer Mei from Lincoln Grace Overvoorde from Saxilby and Catriona Eke from Skellingthorpe 
214 Jazz Piano up to School Year 6 Jennifer Mei from Lincoln Natalia Mei from Lincoln Theo Mullins from North Scarle and Zach Thompson from Chesterfield 
204 Piano Solo up to School Year 13 Hannah Tan from Nottingham   
202 Piano Solo up to School Year 9 Nadine Hartzenberg from Burgh-le Marsh Eleanor Goodwin from Collingham and Charlie Ashworth-Jerem from Welton Hermione Morrant from Sleaford 
207 Bach Class up to School Year 9 Hermione Morrant from Sleaford   
211 Piano Repertoire up to School Year 9 Eleanor Goodwin from Collingham Winifred Babalola from Lincoln Hannah Tan from Nottingham 
221 Piano Duet up to School Year 6 Natalia and Jennifer Mei from Lincoln Sophie and Emily Hewerdine from Welton  
220 Piano Accompaniment : Open Kim Laughton from Newark   
103 Two Skills : Open Kim Laughton from Newark   
723 Vocal Duet : Open Colin Laughton and Kim Laughton from Newark   
706 Vocal Solo : Open Richard Lynch from Lincoln Colin Laughton from Newark Kim Laughton from Newark 
715 Operatic Aria : Open Richard Lynch from Lincoln   
717 Oratorio Aria : Open Wendy Leonard from Lincoln Kim Laughton from Newark  
710 Vocal Repertoire : All voices : Open Richard Lynch from Lincolln Wendy Leonard from Lincoln Tom Ellis from Lincoln 
716 Lieder : Open Wendy Leonard from Lincoln Richard Lynch from Lincoln  
718 Modern British Song : Open Richard Lynch from Lincoln Wendy Leonard from Lincoln  
714 Light Opera / Musical : Open Richard Lynch from Lincoln Tom Ellis from Lincoln Kim Laughton from Newark 
Showing 20 items